Accreditations and Responsibilities of EU delegations

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Map of European Union diplomatic missions:
  European Union delegation, full Lisbon duties assumed
  European Commission delegation duties only
Accreditation from non-resident delegation with local office
  Accreditation from non-resident delegation, no local office
  European Union non-diplomatic mission only
  non-diplomatically responsible non-resident delegation
  no European Union mission, accreditation or responsibility assigned

The European Union maintains delegations with the rank of embassy in many third countries, but there are delegations that are accredited to more than one foreign state. In some cases the accreditation country also hosts a consulate rank EU diplomatic office.


Similarly to ambassadors there are heads of delegations accredited to additional countries, besides their country of residence. Countries with accredited head of delegation resident elsewhere, that are hosts to an office subordinate to another delegation are marked with *.


Some delegations are responsible for European Union activities and relations with third countries that have not established diplomatic relations with the EU and for special territories of EU member states, including some that are part of the EU itself (OMR). Territories that host office subordinate to such delegation are marked with *.

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