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Akron-Canton refers to a region in Northeast Ohio that consists of the Akron and the Canton areas.

It is commonly referred to as the "Akron-Canton" region because of the Akron-Canton Regional Airport, and a number of other local businesses and organizations which serve both cities. (Examples: [1] [2]) The region spans two Ohio counties, Stark and Summit counties. Map Location:[3]

Coordinates: 40°57′N 81°29′W / 40.950°N 81.483°W / 40.950; -81.483

Akron is in Summit County and it is as high in elevation as the West Virginian Mountains. Akron is also the Rubber Capital of the World and Goodyear is currently building their brand new world headquarters in 2012. Akron is also home of the Soap Box Derby, the inspiration for the movie "25 Hill". Canton is in Stark County and is the Final Resting place of President William McKinley. Also the Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, The first Professional Football League started in Canton, Ohio. Once a Haven for mobsters, Canton was known as Little Chicago.