Akuma (folklore)

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The akuma (悪魔) is a malevolent fire spirit in Japanese folklore. Alternative names for the akuma is ma (ま). It is often translated to devil in English, or demon. Akuma is the name assigned to Satan in Japanese Christianity, and the Mara in Japanese Buddhism.


An akuma is typically depicted as an entity with a fiery head and eyes, and carrying a sword. The akuma is typically said to be able to fly, and to be a harbinger of ominous and terrible fortune and can bring misfortune to those who happen to see it.[citation needed]

In popular culture[edit]

  • In the fighting game series Street Fighter, Akuma is the american name of a character named Gouki.
  • In the television series Miraculous, an akuma is a creature resembling a butterfly that can grant powers to any civilian through negative emotions. No matter their initial intentions, the one granted these powers inevitably goes on a destructive rampage in pursuing whoever caused that emotion.