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Aljazeera Turk
Al Jazeera Turk logo.png
Type of site
Available in Turkish
Owner Al Jazeera Media Network
Created by Al Jazeera Turk
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 2014
Current status folded

Al Jazeera Türk (AJT) was a news website in Turkish. It was funded by the Qatari government. Attempts to launch a television network do not appear to have succeeded. The website was shut down on 3 May 2017.

Early background and first launch attempt[edit]

In February 2011, the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund of Turkey put Cine5 up for sale[1] after the channel was confiscated when the owner Erol Aksoy went in debt and became bankrupt.[2] Al Jazeera made a bid for the network[3] and acquired it for $40.5 million after an unsuccessful $21 million bid.[4] Al Jazeera then renamed the channel and is currently working on launching Al Jazeera Turkish.[5]

On April 2012, there were reports of the channel being delayed over its refusal to call the Kurdistan Workers Party as "terrorists" as most Turkish news outlets do, citing journalistic standards. The Foreign Ministry, who advocated the project, became at odds with the channel. Vural Ak, a major Turkish investor, withdrew from the partnership with Al Jazeera. Nuh Yilmaz, head of Al Jazeera's Turkish editorial team, also resigned.[6]

Digital online launch[edit]

Plans and efforts to launch the channel restarted in 2013 shortly after the launch of Al Jazeera America. On January 21, 2014, Al Jazeera Turk`s website launched with news content. The move made Al Jazeera Turk the first 24-hour news operation to go digital before broadcast.[7]

Like how the Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Balkans websites are designed similarly the Al Jazeera Turk site is designed similar to the Al Jazeera America site.

Also like its English, Arabic and Balkans counterparts the channel has its own digital Magazine.

Channel launch[edit]

The channel was under construction with plans to launch towards the end of 2014. Construction and indoor works were underway at the upcoming channel’s building in Topkapı, İstanbul.[8] The channel claims its news center is built around the channel’s regional vision.


On May 3, 2017, the Al Jazeera Media Network announced that it would shut down Al Jazeera Türk's digital operations. [9] [10]

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