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Basil E Goldstone (October 1909 – 1 December 1988) was a British Liberal Party activist.

Goldstone studied at Richmond Hill School and Dover College before joining the Royal Air Force.[1] He stood repeatedly for the Liberal Party in general elections, but was never elected: in Hendon in 1935, Petersfield in 1945, Dover in 1950 and 1959, Basingstoke in 1964, Peterborough in 1966, Norfolk South in 1970, and Harlow in February and October 1974.[2] He did served for some years on Kingsclere and Whitchurch Rural District Council.[1]

Later in life, Goldstone worked as a hospital catering officer.[2] In 1976–77, he served as the President of the Liberal Party. A long-term supporter of animal rights, in 1978, he proposed wide-ranging animal protection legislation, which the party voted to support.[3]


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