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Bibhas is a Hindustani classical raga.


Bibhas (sometimes also called 'Vibhas') is a pentatonic Raga belonging to the Bhairav Thaat. This Raga is sung during day break. It is quite similar to Raga Deshkar as changing the Shuddha Dha and Shuddha Re of Deshkar converts it into Bibhas. The true nature of Bibhas has Re and Dha flat. However it is very rarely performed using the Shuddha Dha. In order to maintain the pure character of Bibhas, it is very important that Pa is not the last note during any alap or taan. The atmosphere created by this raga is serious, as it has Komal 'Re' and 'Dha'.

Arohana & Avarohana[edit]


S r G P d S'


S' d P G r S


Bhairav Thaat

Vadi & Samavadi[edit]

Dha & Re Vadi&samavadi Pa & sa

Pakad or Chalan[edit]

R* G R* G, P D* S', D* P G R* S.

Organization and relationships[edit]

Related ragas: Deshkar


Behavior refers to practical aspects of the music. It is complicated to talk about this for Hindustani music since many of the concepts are fluid, changing, or archaic. The following information cannot be accurate, but it can attempt to reflect how the music existed.

Samay (time)[edit]

Bibhas is sung at the DAY BREAK.


Certain ragas have seasonal associations.


Historical information[edit]


Important recordings[edit]

Bhibaas was once sung in the Sangeet Varsha, which occurred on June 7, 2015, hosted by Svara Sangam.


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