Bindusara River

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Bindusara (also called Bendsura) is a small river situated in the district of Beed in Maharashtra state of India. It is a tributory river of Sindphana and a sub-tributory of Godavari river.

Bendsura dam overflowing in monsoon. Balaghat Range can be seen in the background.

Bindusara originates in the hills of Balaghat near the village Waghira, in south of district Beed in Patoda taluqa. It is a hilly area. Various small streams contributes to the river. The city of Beed is situated on the banks of Bindusara river.

Bendsura is a rapid and seasonal river. A reservoir; Bendsura Project (capacity 7.106 mm3) was constructed on the river in 1955 near the village Pāli, about 10 km south of Beed.[1]

A cloudy evening at Bendsura dam.

At some places the river is narrow and looks like a stream. The lack of vegetation and rocky and undulating terrain contributes to violent floods in heavy rains. These have repeatedly caused substantial loss of property and life in the history of Beed town, most recently on July 23, 1989 when a massive flooding of three habitations in the town caused a number of dead or missing and property losses of millions of rupees.[2]

Bendsura river flows from south to north and meets Sindphana river, about 10 km north of Beed town. Total length of the river is about 40 km.


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