Waghur Dam

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Waghur Dam
Waghur Dam is located in Maharashtra
Waghur Dam
Location of Waghur Dam in India Maharashtra
Official name Waghur Dam D02985
Location Raipur Village (Jalgaon)
Coordinates 20°55′36″N 75°42′35″E / 20.9265685°N 75.709767°E / 20.9265685; 75.709767Coordinates: 20°55′36″N 75°42′35″E / 20.9265685°N 75.709767°E / 20.9265685; 75.709767
Owner(s) Government of Maharashtra, India
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Earthfill
Impounds Waghur river
Height 13.6 m (45 ft)
Length 690 m (2,260 ft)
Dam volume 70 km3 (17 cu mi)
Total capacity 1,060 km3 (250 cu mi)
Surface area 467 km2 (180 sq mi)

Waghur Dam, is an earthfill dam on Local river near Nandgaon, Jalgaon district in the state of Maharashtra in India.[1]

Waghur river from its source near Ajanta flows through the Khandesh region. This major irrigation project taken up by the Water Resources Department of Maharashtra was started in the year 1978.[2] The main purpose of the dam is to supply water to Jalgaon city and also for irrigation purposes. Right bank and left bank canals have been built to cater to the irrigation needs of the farmers. The year 2006 a historical rainfall in the catchment area of Waghur was recorded. Nearly 40 TMC water overflew in 2006.[citation needed] As of 2008, there is storage capacity of 4 TMC in the reservoir with the 20 spillway gates erected increasing the storage to 11.5 TMC next year. The project will cater drinking water need of 500 thousand souls and irrigation water to 64,000 acres (260 km2) of drought prone fields. The work of right and left bank canal is in under progress.


The height of the dam above its lowest foundation is 13.6 m (45 ft) while the length is 690 m (2,260 ft). The volume content is 70 km3 (17 cu mi) and gross storage capacity is 1,220.00 km3 (292.69 cu mi).[3]


  • Irrigation
  • Water Suplly to Jalgaon city

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