Blue Sky Green Field Wind Energy Center

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Blue Sky Green Field Wind Energy Center
Turbines east of Johnsburg
CountryUnited States
LocationFond du Lac County, Wisconsin
Coordinates43°52′46″N 88°16′15″W / 43.87944°N 88.27083°W / 43.87944; -88.27083Coordinates: 43°52′46″N 88°16′15″W / 43.87944°N 88.27083°W / 43.87944; -88.27083
Construction beganJune 2007
Commission dateMay 2008
Construction cost$300 million
Owner(s)We Energies
Wind farm
Power generation
Units operational88 turbines
Make and modelVestas V82-1.65 MW
Nameplate capacity145.2 MW
Capacity factor26.8% (average 2009-2017)
Annual net output341 GW·h
Wind Farm Headquarters
Looking south at the Blue Sky Green Field Wind Farm

Blue Sky Green Field Wind Energy Center is a wind farm in northeast Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.[1] The 10,600-acre (4,300 ha) facility is located in the towns of Calumet and Marshfield.[2] Owned by We Energies, it became the largest operating installation using wind power in Wisconsin when it came online in 2008.[3]


An application for authorization to construct the Blue Sky Green Field Wind Farm was filed with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PCSW) on March 17, 2006. On February 1, 2007, the PSCW issued the certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the project.[4]

Construction on the farm began in June 2007 by Alliant Wind Connect at a cost of $300 million.[1] Testing began in 2008,[2] and the farm was placed in service on May 19, 2008.[1]

Ongoing complaints about the infrasound have continued well after the wind park began operation.


The wind farm consists of 88 Vestas Wind Systems V82 turbines, which have a capacity to produce 145 megawatts of power.[1] They are expected to generate 328 million kilowatt hours annually, which is enough to power 36,000 homes.[1] Each turbine is capable of production 1.65 megawatts of electricity. The turbines are approximately 262 feet (80 m) tall, and reach 397 feet (121 m) tall when the 134-foot (41 m) blade is faced upwards.[1]

Electricity production[edit]

Blue Sky Green Field Wind Electricity Generation (MW·h)[5]
Year Total Annual MW·h
2008 204,807
2009 336,220
2010 326,880
2011 337,526
2012 336,215
2013 338,730
2014 350,944
2015 364,816
2016 333,469
2017 342,453
Average (years 2009-2017) ---> 340,806

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