Caryospora (alveolate)

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Scientific classification e
Domain: Eukaryota
(unranked): Diaphoretickes
(unranked): SAR
Infrakingdom: Alveolata
Phylum: Apicomplexa
Class: Conoidasida
Subclass: Coccidia
Order: Eucoccidiorida
Suborder: Eimeriorina
Family: Eimeriidae
Genus: Caryospora
Leger, 1904

Caryospora ahaetullae
Caryospora aquilae
Caryospora arcayae
Caryospora argentati
Caryospora barnardae
Caryospora bengalensis
Caryospora biarmicusis
Caryospora bigenetica
Caryospora bothriechis
Caryospora brasiliensis
Caryospora brygooi
Caryospora bubonis
Caryospora carajasensis
Caryospora cheloniae
Caryospora choctawensis
Caryospora circi
Caryospora cobrae
Caryospora colubris
Caryospora coniophanis
Caryospora conophae
Caryospora constancieae
Caryospora corallae
Caryospora demansiae
Caryospora dendrelaphis
Caryospora durelli
Caryospora duszynskii
Caryospora epicrati
Caryospora ernsti
Caryospora falconis
Caryospora gekkonis
Caryospora gloriae
Caryospora gracilis
Caryospora guatemalensis
Caryospora heterodermus
Caryospora henryae
Caryospora hermae
Caryospora japonicum
Caryospora jararacae
Caryospora jiroveci
Caryospora kalimantanensis
Caryospora kansasensis
Caryospora kutzeri
Caryospora lampropeltis
Caryospora legeri
Caryospora lindsayi
Caryospora maculatus
Caryospora madagascariensis
Caryospora masticophis
Caryospora matatu
Caryospora maxima
Caryospora mayorum
Caryospora micruri
Caryospora minuta
Caryospora najadae
Caryospora neofalconis
Caryospora paraensis
Caryospora peruensis
Caryospora psammophi
Caryospora pseustesi
Caryospora regentensis
Caryospora relictae
Caryospora saudiarabiensis
Caryospora schokariensis
Caryospora serpentis
Caryospora simplex
Caryospora strigis
Caryospora tantillae
Caryospora telescopis
Caryospora tremula
Caryospora undata
Caryospora uptoni
Caryospora varaniornati
Caryospora veselyi
Caryospora viprae
Caryospora weyeare
Caryospora zacapensis
Caryospora zuckermanae

Caryospora is a genus of parasitic protozoa in the phylum Apicomplexa. The species in this genus infect birds and reptiles with the majority of described species infecting snakes. It is the third largest genus in the family Eimeriidae.

Despite the number of species in this genus, it has not been much studied.


This genus was created by Leger in 1904. The name was originally Karyospora but this was changed by Leger in 1911.


Although this genus is usually placed in the family Eimeriidae, it may actually be more closely related to the family Lankesterellidae.[1]

There are at least 70 species in this genus.

Life cycle[edit]

This genus is characterised by monosporocystic octozoitic oocytes. Species in this genus infect the digestive tract of reptiles and birds. Some species may also infect small rodents which are normally prey of the reptile or bird species.[2]

Host records[edit]



Other species[edit]


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