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Central Presbyterian Church

Charlton Avenue, is a Lower City collector road in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. This collector road starts off just West of Dundurn Street as a one-way street (Westbound) up to James Street South where it then switches over to a two-way street the rest of the way eastward and ends at Wentworth Street South right in front of Mountain Face Park and the Escarpment Rail Trail.


Charlton Avenue was named after Benjamin Ernest Charlton, (1835-1901), teacher, manufacturer, politician and mayor of Hamilton.[1] Originally Charlton Street was named Hannah Street.[2]

Wentworth Street, at the base of the Niagara Escarpment (mountain) was the site of the city's second Incline railway (1895-1936). Back then, the Incline railway on Wentworth Street was known as the Eastend Incline Railway but was often called, The Mount Hamilton Incline Railway. [3][4] The city's first Incline railway on James Street South, (1892-1932), was known as the Hamilton & Barton Incline Railway. [3][4]


Central Presbyterian Church
Caroline Street South, near Charlton Avenue West

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