Cincinnati Public Schools

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Cincinnati Public Schools
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
District information
Type City school district
Established 1829
Superintendent Mary Ronan
Students and staff
Students 35,000 (2016-2017 School Year)[1]
Other information

Cincinnati Public Schools (often abbreviated CPS) is the U.S. state of Ohio's third-largest public school district, by enrollment, after Cleveland and Columbus, but ahead of Toledo.[2] Cincinnati Public Schools is the largest Ohio school district rated as at least 'effective'.[3] Founded in 1829 as the Common Schools of Cincinnati,[4] it is governed by the Cincinnati Board of Education.


Cincinnati Public Schools operates 55 schools, including 12 high schools, 39 elementary schools, and 4 combined K-12 schools:[1]


The Cincinnati Public School District covers an area of 91 square miles including all of the City of Cincinnati, Amberley Village, Cheviot and Golf Manor; most of the City of Silverton; parts of Fairfax and Wyoming; and small parts of Anderson, Columbia, Delhi, Green, Springfield and Sycamore townships.

Elementary Schools[edit]

Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies (Preschool-8)

Academy of World Languages (Preschool-8)

Bond Hill Academy (Preschool-8)

Carson School (Preschool-8)

Chase School (Preschool-8)

Cheviot School (Preschool-8)

College Hill Fundamental Academy (Preschool-6)

Covedale School (K-6)

Dater Montessori School (Preschool-6)

Frederick Douglass School (Preschool-8)

Fairview-Clifton German Language School (Preschool-6)

Hartwell School (Preschool-8)

Hays-Porter School (Preschool-8)

Hoffman-Parham School (Preschool-8)

Kilgour School (K-6)

Midway School (Preschool-8)

Mt. Airy School (Preschool-8)

Mt. Washington School (Preschool-6)

North Avondale Montessori School (Preschool-6)

Oyler School (Preschool-12)

John P. Parker School (Preschool-8)

Pleasant Hill Academy (Preschool-8)

Pleasant Ridge Montessori School (Preschool-6)

Quebec Heights School (Preschool-8)

Rees E. Price Academy (Preschool-8)

Riverview East Academy (Preschool-12)

Roberts Paideia Academy (Preschool-8)

Rockdale Academy (Preschool-8)

Roll Hill Academy (Preschool-8)

Roselawn Condon School (Preschool-8)

Rothenberg Preparatory Academy (Preschool-8)

Sands Montessori School (Preschool-6)

Sayler Park School (Preschool-8)

School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) (K-12)

Silverton Paideia Academy (Preschool-6)

South Avondale School (Preschool-8)

William H. Taft School (Preschool-8)

Ethel M. Taylor Academy (Preschool-8)

Westwood School (Preschool-8)

Winton Hills Academy (Preschool-8)

Winton Montessori School (Preschool-6)

Woodford Paideia Academy (Preschool-6)

Secondary Schools[edit]

Satellite Schools[edit]

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