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Type Student Non-Profit Organisation
Genre Technical
Founded 2003
Place Roorkee, India
Institute Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee

Cognizance is the annual technical festival (techfest) of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT-R). Established in 2003, it celebrated its 14th edition in 2016. It is the second largest technical festival of Asia.[1] The 14th edition consisted of an over 200 events and hosted over 2,000 guest students, in addition to about 8,000 students from the hosting institution.

Cognizance: themes[edit]

2009: Think Energy, Go Green[edit]

With an aim to rejuvenate the environment to its pristine glory and target towards the efficient utilisation of energy, the theme was an apt manifestation of the changing times.

2010: Technovating India[edit]

The melange of technology and innovation is surely a path towards the pinnacles of national development. The theme focussed on the conceptualization, fabrication and utilization of coherent technovation.

2011: For a better tomorrow[edit]

The quest for a better tomorrow starts from the conquest of the present which is by all means a herculean task. Aiming towards a better future through restructuring the present was all that the theme stood for.

2012: Ideate.Initiate.Innovate[edit]

The achievement of breakthrough by the skilful innovation of dexterously initiated path-breaking ideas was the purpose of the theme. The theme resonated the harmonious jingles of development of scientific temperament.

2013: Aim Inclusion[edit]

The inclusion of several links to technological zenith like ideas, innovation, imagination and people belonging to different genres of technology was what the theme stressed about.

2014: Imagineering Change[edit]

The advancement of skill sets among the people led visionaries to envisage better times ahead for the entire human family. The path ahead of us is analogous to a rocky terrain- appears simple from a distance but calls for amends as we tread towards the zenith. The theme highlighted the need to imagine and engineer our efforts under the sky of Imagineering change.

2015: Photonizing I[edit]

Life and light go hand in hand; one does not exist without the other. It focuses on invigorating and instigating every Individual to put his best for the society and for country. It is only when we empower the individual that we can together become a force of change to reckon with. With the backdrop of United Nation’s observance of International Year of Light & Light based Technologies in 2015, the theme “PHOTONIZING I” basically speaks of Individual Empowerment[2]

2016: AimBIT[edit]

The theme manifests our quest of marching towards BIT which is the edifice on which the great structure of digitalisation rests. Empowering yourself is what Cognizance 2015 delivered, but when you are enlightened, you should ensure your ambit moves with the same pace as you. For the world is changing at a lightning pace, we should aim and move beyond our inherent tuning. We Aim-a-bit towards a better society, a better India, we ameliorate our yesterday and strive towards fabricating a resplendent future. That itself speaks volumes of AimBIT (Beyond Inherent Tuning).


Guest lectures[edit]

Since its inception in 2003,[citation needed] Cognizance organises a series of guest lectures by well-known scientists, technologists and businessmen. Past notable lecturers include Alberto Levy, Victor Benno, Osamu Hasegawa and Gayle Laakmann McDowell in 2014; and CNR Rao, Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Vinita Bali, Mathew Tombers and Sir David Payne in 2015.


Workshops of a wide variety are held during Cognizance, presented by experts in their fields. Some notable past workshops include workshops on Msys Biometrics, Hexapod, Android and Virtual world, held in 2014; and Foundation Analysis, Cyber Forensics, Search Engine Optimization, RC Plane, and Touch and Augmented Reality in 2015.


Exhibitions at Cognizance offer variety of interactive displays. Notable past exhibitions include Mechanzo, Motion Magix and Multi-Sport Simulator, held in 2013; Gridbots, Redd Robotics and Gesture Controlled Devices, held in 2014; and Biobot, Nao Edurobo, Automatic Rubic Cube Solver and Video Face Mapping in 2015.

Online events[edit]

Cognizance organizes a plethora of online events that attracts participation from all over the globe. Over the years these have included:

  • Insomnia, an overnight coding competition[3]
  • Illushun, online treasure hunt[3]
  • Blogomania, an online competition to test the blogging skills of the participants[4]
  • Cognistreet, online virtual stock market [3]


Centrestage includes events, competitions and shows. Past events on Centerstage included:[3][5]

  • Chem e Car
  • Cairn Confluence, panel discussion and problem-solving competition relating to oil and energy industries (conducted by the department of Earth Sciences)
  • Armageddon, battle of the bots
  • Robosapiens, extreme robotics event
  • Powerdrift, remote controlled car racing contest
  • Cyborg Break in
  • Chaos, computer games competition
  • Villaticum Idealis
  • Economix
  • House For All
  • Model United Nations
  • Quizzotica, a quiz contest
  • Corporate Social Responsibility paper presentation event[6]

Departmental events[edit]

Departmental evens are held by each of the 22 departments:[3][5][7]

  • Spectrum, department related industry problem solving event
  • Spotlight, problem solving contest
  • Ideaz, national level paper presentation competition

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