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Country India
State Punjab
Cantonment Jalandhar
ISO 3166 code IN-PB

Dakoha is a village in the Jalandhar Cantonment of the state of Punjab, northwest India.[1]


Dakoha Saadat[edit]

Prior to Partition in 1947, Dakoha had a large population of Saadat Shia Muslims who claimed descent from Ali ibn Abi Talib and Fatimah bint-e-Muhammad. The Sadaat community lived near the Rama Mandi and the phatak (railway crossing) of the Jalandhar Cantt Station. Muhammad Anwar, a member of the Dakoha Sadaat, owned a substantial piece of land in Dakoha. He was a well known landlord and is also credited with constructing five wells (Awean waala khoo, Chamaran waala khoo, Mengran waala khoo, Roorran waala Khoo, and School waala khoo) for the people that resided in and around Dakoha.

The Dakoha Saadats were believed to descend from Imam Ali Al-Naqi, the 10th successor of Muhammad ibn Abdullah, qualifying them as Naqvi Syeds. The Dakoha Muslim community also claimed relation to Hazrat Meeran Khas, a Muslim saint who was invited to Hindustan (from Termez, Uzbekistan) by the leader of the Loodhi tribe.[2]

Following Partition the Dakoha Sadaat relocated to Pakistan, settling initially at Korian in the Punjab and moving on to Lahore in 1956. The Sadaat Colony of Samanabad was created by the members of the Dakoha Sadaat emigre community. However, the descendants of Muhammad Anwar (through his son Tasaddaq) reside in Gulberg II, Lahore.

Among the Muslims of this Village, half of them were Arain Sunni Muslims. There was complete harmony and peace among the villagers. Some Saadats of the village were also Sunni Muslims including the most notable Haji Muhammad ANWAR. He owned a big tract of agricultural land at Purana Kho (old well). The other two wells were New Well and Jeevan Buksh da Kho, who was a notable Arain elder. His son Ch Nubi Buksh joined Singer Sewing Machine as dealer in early twentieth century. Mian Azizuddin another Arain established a sewing machine factory at Rama Mandi near Dakoha.

Other Notables of the Village are:

Syed Mohakamuddin (of Mohakamuddin Bakery LAHORE 1869)

Dr Abdul Latif s/o Ch Ghulam Muhammad, Ex DPI Education Punjab and remained posted at UNO Bangkok.

Dr. Khalid Aziz, Professor, Stanford University, California, s/o Aziz ul Hassan, Deputy Secretary Cabinet Div, Pakistans, who was the son of Babu Noor Muhammad of Dakota (brother of Ch. Ghulam Muhammad mentioned above) [3] Mumtaz Ahmad s/o Ch Umaruddin, Senior Headmaster, Teacher and a kind man.

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