Development Research Center of the State Council

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Development Research Center
of the State Council
Guówùyuàn Fāzhǎn Yánjiū Zhōngxīn
Agency overview
Jurisdiction People's Republic of China
Minister responsible
  • LI, Wei, Minister
Parent agencyState Council
Website[1] (in English)

Development Research Center (DRC; Chinese: 国务院发展研究中心 Hanyu Pinyin: Guówùyuàn Fāzhǎn Yánjiū Zhōngxīn) of the State Council of China is a state agency responsible for policy research, strategic review and consulting of issues related to the economic and social development on mainland China.[1]

It is an advisory body which recommends policies to CPC Central Committee and the State Council.[2]

Administrative structure[edit]

The DRC is organized into the following departments.[3][dead link]

  • Academic Committee
  • Committee for Assessment of Academic Qualifications
  • General Office (Personnel Bureau)
  • International Cooperation Department
  • Department of Macroeconomic Research
  • Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy
  • Research Department of Rural Economy
  • Research Department of Industrial Economy
  • Department of Techno-Economic Research
  • Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations
  • Research Department of Social Development
  • Institute of Market Economy
  • Enterprise Research Institute
  • Research Institute of Finance
  • International Technology and Economy Institute
  • Euro-Asian Social Development Research Institute
  • Institute of World Development
  • Asia-Africa Development Research Institute
  • Ethnic Minority Groups Development Research Institute
  • Institute of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs
  • Information Center
  • Human Resources Study and Training Center
  • China Industrial & Commercial Enterprises Legal Consultants
  • Service Center
  • China Development Press
  • Management World Magazine
  • China Economic Times
  • China Economic Yearbook (Almanac of China's Economy Press)
  • China Development Observer
  • China Development Research Foundation
  • China International Association for Urban and Rural Development
  • China Enterprise Evaluation Association
  • China Rural Labor Association
  • China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institution

Prominent economists[edit]


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