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Type of site
File hosting service
Successor(s) SlideShare
Owner Microsoft
Registration Microsoft Account (required to upload files)
Current status Closing[1] is a website where users can discover, upload and share Office documents.[2] Supported file types include Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, Mix video presentations and Sways. Users can also add PDF's and URL's on to their page.[3] is a part of Microsoft Office Online. On 9 June 2017, Microsoft announced it was shutting down in favor of the acquired SlideShare with its LinkedIn purchase.

Collaboration with Facebook[edit]

Prior to its redesign was a collaboration between Microsoft FUSE Labs and Facebook to provide a basic online document editing suite, similar to Google Docs.[4] It is designed to make it easy to discover, create and share Office documents with your Facebook friends. It was announced and officially launched during Facebook f8 conference on April 21, 2010 by Mark Zuckerberg and Lili Cheng.[5] originally offered the capability to upload or create new Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. Users may view and edit documents online even if they did not have Microsoft Office installed on their device. However, the web editors integrate with Office so that users may edit documents on their PC or Mac and save them directly back to the cloud. also supports upload and in-browser viewing of PDF documents.[6] In January 2011, the site gained support for additional languages.[7] for Facebook was targeting individual users (e.g. students). A similar offering from Microsoft Office Live is directed at business customers.

Technical details[edit]

The Facebook-based used Facebook Connect for user authentication. Furthermore, the service was modeled after the Facebook Photos application and uses similar sharing settings so that users may easily invite their friends to either view or edit their documents. integrates into the Facebook UI much like photos by providing a homepage within Facebook,[8] a profile tab, and by posting documents to a user's Facebook Wall. The service is built using Microsoft's Office Web Apps and was compatible with the contemporary major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Support for Facebook pages[edit] announced support for Facebook pages on July 8, 2010. Facebook page administrators had the option to create a shared folder where they may upload, create and edit shared documents. Documents can easily be posted to a Facebook page for the page's fans to view. Learn how the functionality works or how it was built.[9]

2015 redesign[edit]

In 2015, Microsoft launched a new version of The redesigned service was created to make sharing documents less difficult over the web while also preserving source formatting. Among the supported formats are Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, PDF, and Office Sway among other Office-supported file-types, furthermore offers importing features to quickly fetch documents from a user's PC and other Microsoft services such as OneDrive. also supports commenting and the downloading of documents, but lacks the feature for users to collaborate on the same documents.[10]

As part of the relaunch of Microsoft merged its web accumulation software, Curah! with, and at the time of the announcement launched the Windows 10 application for Office Sway which also integrated several of Curah!'s features.[11]

2017 case of sensitive documents[edit]

On 25 March 2017, Microsoft temporarily disabled the search feature after the security researcher Kevin Beaumount discovered that some users had inadvertently uploaded confidential documents containing sensitive information such as passwords, social security numbers and bank statements. The search feature was restored on 27 March. According to PCWorld, many other document and productivity services (including Microsoft's) by default upload the document as private. However, users of were in error as to the purpose of the service, despite its tagline "Share your work with the world".[12][13][14]


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