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Dudson's product & logo

Dudson is a British company that manufactured fine china. It was one of the oldest china companies in England, founded in 1800. It was one of the first of the pottery companies to identify a need for products specifically to serve the hospitality market and soon after its launch began exclusively making products for this market. In 1891 it developed a stronger type of vitrified china for this market and is believed to be one of the first globally to do so.

Dudson went into administration on 4 April 2019. PWC cited "A deterioration in sales and increased costs" as a reason for the closure.[1]

However, local pottery company Churchill China bought the rights to the brand and two of its most popular ranges - Harvest and Evo in April 2019 and began manufacturing immediately in its own factory. On 6 June 2019 Churchill relaunched the Dudson brand with the Harvest and Evo collections already in stock.


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