Effat University

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Effat University
Effat University.png
Motto "Aspire to Achieve"
Type Private university
Established 1999; 18 years ago (1999)
Chairman Sara bint Faisal Al Saud
President Haifa Reda Jamalallail
Administrative staff
Undergraduates 1,000
Location Jeddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Colors Black and blue
Website www.effatuniversity.edu.sa

Effat University (Arabic: جامعة عفّت‎‎) is a private non-profit institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia, operating under the umbrella of King Faisal Charitable Foundation. Effat University is strengthened by the legacy of its founder, Effat Al Thunayyan, wife of the late King Faisal.

On 30 January 2009, Effat College became Effat University. The inauguration of its three colleges, the establishment of the Research and Consultancy Institute, and success achieved on the academic, education and social levels, paved the way to becoming a university.

In 2011, Effat University obtained approval for its first graduate program.[1]


Effat College was founded by the children of King Faisal and Iffat Al Thunayyan.[2] Princess Lolowah Al Faisal played a prominent role in its founding, from raising funds, developing the curriculum, overseeing construction to the hiring of faculty and staff.[3] Sara bint Faisal is the chair of the board of founders and board of trustees, while Lolowah is vice chair and general supervisor of the university.[2]


Effat University consists of the following departments:

  • College of Engineering:

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Systems departments

  • College of Architecture and Design:

Architecture, Visual and Digital Production, and Design departments

  • College of Business:

Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Operation and Information Management, and Entrepreneurship

  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences:

English and Translation and Psychology departments

  • Graduate Studies:

Masters in Islamic Financial Management (MIFM), Master of Science in Urban Design (MSUD), and Master of Science in Translation Studies (MTS)


Effat University has built relationships and agreements with national and international institutions and universities. It has partnered with Syracuse University, Swarthmore College, Georgetown University, Mount Holyoke College, The Prince's School of Traditional Arts, American University of Cairo, the French General Consulate, Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering, University of Miami School of Architecture, University of Cincinnati College of Education Criminal Justice and Human Services, and the USC School of Cinematic Arts.[4]


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