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Military equipment of the Estonian Land Forces is a list of modern military equipment currently in service with the Estonian Land Forces.

Personal equipment[edit]

A soldier from the Scouts Battalion in ESTDCU firing his Galil SAR.
Main articles: ESTDCU and PASGT

The equipment of the Estonian Land Forces troops includes:



Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Heckler & Koch USP  Germany Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm HKUSP.png Standard issue pistol.[1]
Makarov pistol  Soviet Union Semi-automatic pistol 9×18mm Пистолет Макарова.png Former standard issue pistol, replaced by H&K USP.[2]
Assault rifles and carbines
IMI Galil  Israel Assault rifle 5.56×45mm Imfdb galil.jpg Standard issue assault rifle, in service with the 1st Infantry Brigade.[3][4][5]
Ak 4  Sweden Battle rifle 7.62×51mm AK4OR.jpg Standard issue assault rifle, in service with the 2nd Infantry Brigade.[6]
Heckler & Koch G3  Germany Battle rifle 7.62×51mm DCB Shooting G3 pictures.jpg Variants G3A3ZF and G3A4.[7]
Heckler & Koch G36  Germany Assault rifle 5.56×45mm Domok g36.JPG In service with the ESTSOF.[8]
M14  United States Ceremonial rifle 7.62×51mm M14 afmil.jpg In service with the Guard Battalion as a ceremonial rifle.[9] Some converted by E-Arsenal to sharpshooter rifles M-14 TP2.[10]
 Estonia Sharpshooter rifle
Sniper rifles
Sako TRG-42  Finland Sniper rifle .338 Lapua Magnum Sako TRG folding stock + Zeiss 3-12x56 SSG P.JPG In service with special forces and reconnaissance units.
PGM Hécate II  France Sniper rifle 12.7×99mm PGM Hecate.jpg
Galil Sniper  Israel Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm Galil-Sniper-Galatz-r001.jpg
Heckler & Koch HK417  Germany Marksman rifle 7.62×51mm Heckler & Koch HK417 Sniper Rifle of PASKAL.JPG Used by ESTSOF.[8]
Benelli M3T  Italy Semi-automatic shotgun 12 gauge Benelli M3 Super 90.jpg
Submachine guns
IMI Mini UZI  Israel Submachine gun 9×19mm Uzi ImgID1.jpg
Heckler & Koch MP5A2  Germany Submachine gun 9×19mm Tokyo Marui MP5-SD5 AEG.jpg
Heckler & Koch MP7  Germany Submachine gun / Personal defense weapon 4.6×30mm MP7A1 REMOV.jpg Used by ESTSOF operators.[11]
m/45 B  Sweden Submachine gun 9×19mm Carl Gustav M45BE.3.jpg [12]
Machine guns
IMI Negev  Israel Light machine gun 5.56×45mm IMI-Negev006a.jpg
Heckler & Koch MG4  Germany Light machine gun 5.56x45mm HK MG4 01.jpg Used by ESTSOF.[8]
Ksp 58  Sweden General-purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm Ksp58.jpg
Rheinmetall MG3  Germany General-purpose machine gun 7.62×51mm BundeswehrMG3.jpg
M2 Browning  United States Heavy machine gun 12.7×99mm PEO Browning M2E2 QCB.jpg Some mounted on vehicles, such as Patria Pasi and Bv 206, but the tripod version is also in use.
Grenade launchers
Brügger & Thomet GL-06   Switzerland Grenade launcher 40mm
Heckler & Koch GLM  Germany Grenade launcher 40mm HK AGCEGLM.jpg
Heckler & Koch 79N  Germany Grenade launcher 40mm HK69A1.jpg
Milkor MGL  South Africa Grenade launcher 40mm M-32 Grenade Launcher.jpg Limited numbers for evaluation purposes.[13]


Name Origin Type Detonation Photo Notes
F-1  Soviet Union Hand grenade Fuse F1 grenade travmatik com 02 by-sa.jpg
RGD-5  Soviet Union Hand grenade Fuse Rgd 5 hand grenade.jpeg
m/56  Sweden Hand grenade Fuse Spränghandgranat m56 001.jpg

Anti-tank weapons[edit]

Name Origin Type Warhead Photo Notes
Anti-tank missiles
MAPATS  Israel Anti-tank guided missile 148mm MAPATS.jpg
MILAN 2  France Anti-tank guided missile 115mm Milan 2.jpg
FGM-148 Javelin  United States Fire-and-forget anti-tank missile 127mm FGM-148 Javelin - ID DM-SD-04-07567.JPEG 80 CLU (with option for additional 40) and 350 missiles purchased from the United States.[14]
Type 69 RPG  PRC Shoulder-fired missile 85mm Withdrawn from service.
Instalaza C90-CR  Spain Shoulder-fired missile 90mm C-90.jpg
B-300  Israel Shoulder-fired missile 82mm Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon.jpg
AT4  Sweden Shoulder-fired missile 84mm AT-4Launcher.jpeg
Recoilless rifles
Carl Gustav  Sweden Recoilless rifle 84mm TRJE15 (21952289793).jpg Variants M2 and M3.[15][16]
Pvpj 1110  Sweden Recoilless rifle 90mm LT PV1110.jpg 130 units.[16][17]
M40A1  United States Recoilless rifle 106mm Rcl106lat2.jpg 30 units.[16][17]


Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Anti-aircraft missiles
Mistral  France Surface-to-air missile 40 54RA-IMG 9142.jpg
Anti-aircraft artillery
ZU-23-2  Soviet Union Twin-barreled autocannon 98 Zu-23 30 M1-3 - InnovationDay2013part1-40.jpg


Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
B455  Israel Mortar 41 B455 is a 81mm medium mortar.[16][18]
NM 95 (L-16A1)  United Kingdom Mortar 10 81mmMORT L16.png L-16A1, also known as NM 95, is a 81mm medium mortar which is operated by a three-man team.[16][18]
M252  United States Mortar 80 M252 mortar usmc.jpg M252 is a 81mm medium mortar which is operated by a three-man team.[16][19]
2B11  Soviet Union Mortar 14 LT 2B11.jpg 2B11 is a 120mm heavy mortar which is operated by a five-man team.[16][18]
m/41D  Sweden Mortar 165 LT M41D.jpg m/41D is a 120mm heavy mortar which is operated by a five-man team.[16][18]
FH-70  Germany Towed howitzer 24 Howitzer FH70 01.jpg FH-70 is a 155mm towed howitzer.[16][18]
H63 (D-30)  Soviet Union Towed howitzer 42 Хаубица Д-30 122мм.jpg D-30 is a 122mm towed howitzer. Estonian army uses the H63 variant purchased from Finland.[16][18]


Armoured vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Armoured vehicles
Combat Vehicle 90  Sweden Infantry fighting vehicle 44 CV9035 NL with add-on armor.jpg 44 CV9035 purchased from Netherlands. 35 CV90 hulls, to be converted into support vehicles, and two driver training vehicles purchased from Norway.[20][21]
Support vehicle 35
Driver training vehicle 2
Patria Pasi  Finland Armoured personnel carrier 136 XA-180EST in Afghanistan.jpg XA-180: 60 units purchased from Finland (56 in service).[16]
XA-188: 81 units purchased from Netherlands (80 in service).[18][22]
BTR-80  Soviet Union Armoured personnel carrier 15 BTR-80 with program-technical system at Engineering Technologies 2012.jpg BTR-80UNSh version. Phased out and handed over to the Estonian Defence League.[16][18]
Mamba Mk4  South Africa Armoured personnel carrier 7 Mamba APC, Swarkop.jpg
Bergepanzer 2  Germany Armoured engineer vehicle 2 Leopard 1 ARV photo-022.JPG Purchased from Netherlands.
Biber  Germany Armoured vehicle-launched bridge 2 Panzerschnellbruecke Biber auf Brueckenleger.jpg Purchased from Netherlands.
Fahrschulpanzer Leopard 1  Germany Driver training vehicle 2 Purchased from Netherlands.

General-purpose vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Trucks and transporters
Mercedes-Benz Unimog  Germany Military logistics vehicle >300 Unimog 1300L.jpg Mostly Unimog 416 and 435/1300 series models. Used as transport, ambulance and on other purposes in the military.
MAN KAT1  Germany Military logistics vehicle Bundeswehr MAN MAN 4520, 4620 and 4640 series models. Also used as artillery tractors.
DAF YA 4440  Netherlands Military logistics vehicle YA-4440 pic1.JPG
Mercedes-Benz 1017A  Germany Military logistics vehicle MB 1017.jpg
Sisu E13TP  Finland Military logistics vehicle 2 Sisu E13.jpg Used as Ground Master 403 radar carriers.[23]
Volvo FMX  Sweden Military logistics vehicle 12
Bandvagn 206  Sweden Tracked all-terrain vehicle Hagglunds Bv206 25th US Marines 2.jpg
Light vehicles
Mercedes-Benz 250 GD  Germany Light utility vehicle MB250GD Wolf.jpg
Chevrolet CUCV  United States Light utility vehicle Lithuanian M1008 CUCV.jpg M1008, M1009 and M1010 series models.
Volvo Tgb  Sweden High-mobility utility vehicle Pansarvärnspjästerrängbil 1111 Revinge 2012.jpg Volvo Tgb 11, 13 and 20 series models.
Logistics vehicles
Mercedes-Benz 4150  Germany Military recovery vehicle
TMM-3M  Ukraine Motorized Bridge system mounted on a heavy lift truck. 4 Purchased from Ukraine.[24]
Husqvarna 258A MT  Sweden Motorcycle Motorcykel 258 Revinge 2014-2.jpg Motorcycles are used for a variety of liaison and reconnaissance tasks.


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