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Equipment of the Republic of Singapore Navy

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The Equipment of the Republic of Singapore Navy can be subdivided into: submarines and ships.



Class Image Type Ships Origin Quantity Notes
Type 218SG Submarine  Germany (4)[1] First two under construction, estimated to be delivered by 2020.To replace the remaining Challenger-class and Archer-class submarine.[2][3]
Archer Rss archer.jpg Submarine RSS Archer
RSS Swordsman
 Sweden 2 Replacing some of the Challenger-class submarine.[4]
Challenger RSS Challenger.jpg Submarine RSS Conqueror
RSS Chieftain
 Sweden 2 Originally four,[5] two were retired from service.


Class Image Type Ships Origin Quantity Notes
Formidable Singapore Navy guided-missile frigate RSS Steadfast.jpg Frigate RSS Formidable 68
RSS Intrepid 69
RSS Steadfast 70
RSS Tenacious 71
RSS Stalwart (72)
RSS Supreme 73
Victory RSS Vengeance Barak.jpg Corvette RSS Victory 88
RSS Valour 89
RSS Vigilance 90
RSS Valiant 91
RSS Vigour 92
RSS Vengeance 93
Patrol vessels
Fearless RSS Resilience.jpg Patrol boat RSS Fearless 94
RSS Brave 95
RSS Gallant 97
RSS Dauntless 99
RSS Freedom 86
 Singapore 5 RSS Courageous 96 was retired in 2003 and RSS Independence was retired in 2017.RSS Sovereignty,RSS Unity and RSS Justice was retired on 3 October 2017.
Independence Patrol boat RSS Independence 15
RSS Sovereignty 16
RSS Unity 17
RSS Justice 18
RSS Indomitable
RSS Fortitude
RSS Dauntless
RSS Fearless
 Singapore 5+(3) Intend to replace the Fearless-class patrol vessels, three under construction, five was completed.
Amphibious warfare ships
Endurance Singapore Strait Passing warship.jpg Amphibious warfare RSS Endurance 207
RSS Resolution 208
RSS Persistence 209
RSS Endeavour 210
 Singapore 4
Auxiliary vessels
SSRV MV Swift Rescue at IMDEX 2015.jpg Submarine rescue ship MV Swift Rescue  Singapore 1
Mines counter-measure vessels
Bedok Republic of Singapore Navy mine countermeasures vessels RSS Katong (M107) and RSS Bedok (M105) at Changi Naval Base, Singapore - 20070527.jpg Minesweeper RSS Bedok M105
RSS Kallang M106
RSS Katong M107
RSS Punggol 108
 Singapore 4


Aircraft Image Type Variants Origin Quantity Notes
Sikorsky S-70 26th MEU Hurricane Sandy Response 121106-M-HF949-004.jpg Multimission maritime helicopter S-70B  USA 6+(2) Serve in frigates.


Ship/submarine missiles

Model Image Type Variants Origin Quantity Notes
Surface-to-air missile (SAM)
Mistral 54RA-IMG 9142.jpg Manportable surface-to-air missile  France unknown
Anti-ship missile (AShM)
Harpoon Harpoon asm bowfin museum.jpg Anti-ship missile  USA unknown
A244-S Torpedo Mod.1
 Italy 250


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