Everything and Nothing

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Everything and Nothing
Sylvian everythingandnothing.jpg
Compilation album by David Sylvian
Released October 2000
Recorded 1980—1999
Genre Alternative rock, jazz[citation needed]
Label Virgin Records
Producer David Sylvian, Steve Nye
David Sylvian chronology
Approaching Silence
Everything and Nothing
Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Source Rating
Metacritic 80/100[1]
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4/5 stars[2]
Pitchfork 6.1/10[3]

Everything and Nothing is a compilation album by David Sylvian. Released in October 2000, the album contains previously unreleased, re-recorded, and lesser-known tracks from Sylvian's twenty years with Virgin Records. The record peaked at no.57 in the UK albums chart.[4]

It was released in two versions. A standard 2CD jewel case (CDVD 2897) and (in the UK) as a limited edition 3CD digipak (CDVDX 2897).

In addition to old favourites from Sylvian's solo career and earlier with the group Japan ("Ghosts"), the album also includes previously unreleased material ("Some Kind of Fool", "The Scent of Magnolia", "Ride" and "Cover Me with Flowers" among others) along with collaborations ("Bamboo Houses" and "Heartbeat" with Ryuichi Sakamoto and "Buoy" with Mick Karn). The songs "Come Morning" and "Golden Way" were taken from the 1995 album Marco Polo by the World music duo Nicola Alesini & Pier Luigi Andreoni, on which Sylvian provided vocals for three of the songs.

Several tracks on the album were recorded during the making of Sylvian's 1999 album Dead Bees on a Cake but did not make the final cut on the album.

In terms of sales the album was not overly successful, but received a positive response from the music critics of the era.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by David Sylvian unless otherwise noted

Disc One

  1. "The Scent of Magnolia" – 5:36
  2. "Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II)" (remix) (David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Arto Lindsay) – 5:17
  3. "Blackwater" (David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, Richard Barbieri) – 4:22
  4. "Albuquerque (Dobro #6)" (David Sylvian, Bill Frisell) – 1:21
  5. "Ride" – 8:00
  6. "The Golden Way" (remix) (David Sylvian, Nicola Alesini) – 6:01
    • originally from Marco Polo by Nicola Alesini and Pier Luigi Andreoni, 1992
  7. "Ghosts" (2000 remix) – 3:47
  8. "Pop Song" – 4:34
    • single a-side, 1989
  9. "Every Colour You Are" (David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, Richard Barbieri) – 4:46
  10. "Wanderlust" – 6:47
  11. "God's Monkey" (David Sylvian, Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn, David Bottrill) – 5:02
  12. "Let the Happiness In" – 5:35
  13. "I Surrender" – 9:28
  14. "Thoroughly Lost to Logic" (David Sylvian, Keith Tippett) – 1:17
    • recorded 1991/2000

Disc Two

  1. "Jean the Birdman" (David Sylvian, Robert Fripp, Trey Gunn) – 4:12
  2. "Cover Me with Flowers" – 6:33
  3. "Boy with the Gun" – 5:14
  4. "River Man" – 4:57
  5. "Aparna and Nimisha (Dobro # 5)" (David Sylvian, Bill Frisell) – 0:56
  6. "Midnight Sun" (David Sylvian, Johnny Moore, Charles Brown, Eddie Williams) – 4:02
  7. "Orpheus" – 4:48
  8. "Some Kind of Fool" – 7:31
  9. "Cries and Whispers" (David Sylvian, Steve Jansen, Mick Karn, Richard Barbieri) – 2:33
  10. "Godman" – 3:58
  11. "Laughter and Forgetting" – 2:33
  12. "Buoy" (David Sylvian, Mick Karn) – 5:16
    • from Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters by Mick Karn, 1986
  13. "Weathered Wall" (remix) (David Sylvian, Jon Hassell) – 5:43
  14. "Bamboo Houses" (remix) (David Sylvian, Ryuichi Sakamoto) – 5:21
    • single a-side by Sylvian & Sakamoto, 1982
  15. "Come Morning" (remix) (David Sylvian, Nicola Alesini) – 3:56
    • originally from Marco Polo

Disc Three (limited edition only)

  1. "The Scent of Magnolia" (Edit) – 5:04
  2. "The Blinding Light of Heaven" – 4:42
  3. "The Scent of Magnolia" (Portobello Mix) – 5:42
  4. "Brilliant Trees" (Version 2000) – 8:32


This is a list of guest musicians exclusively about the unreleased tracks. For the other tracks, see respective albums.

  • "The Scent of Magnolia": Bill Frisell (guitar), Ingrid Chavez (vocals), John Giblin (bass), Ryuichi Sakamoto (string arrangement, sampler, piano), Andreas Allen (drum programming), Sebastian Morton (drum programming).
  • "Albuquerue (Dobro #6)": Bill Frisell (dobro).
  • "Ride": Ryuichi Sakamoto (piano, string arrangement) Steve Jansen (drums), Danny Thompson (double bass), David Torn (electric guitar), Mark Isham (trumpet), Phil Palmer (acoustic guitar).
  • "The Golden Way": Damiano Puliti (cello), Nicola Alesini (soprano sax, keyboards, drum programming), Steve Jansen (drum programming), Pier Luigi Andreoni (keyboards).
  • "Pop Song": John Taylor (piano), Steve Jansen.
  • "Thoroughly Lost to Logic": Keith Tippett (piano), Mark Sanders (drums)
  • "Cover Me with Flowers": Steve Jansen (percussion), Steve Tibbetts (guitars).
  • "Aparna and Nimisha (Dobro # 5)": Bill Frisell (dobro).
  • "Some Kind of Fool": Ingrid Chavez (vocals), Ann O'Dell (string and brass arrangement) Mick Karn (sax, brass arrangement), Rob Dean (guitar), Richard Barbieri (piano), Simon House (violin).
  • "Buoy": Steven Jansen (drums, vocals), Mick Karn (vocals, saxophones, keyboards)
  • "Come Morning": Arturo Stalteri (bouzouki), Nicola Alesini (keyboards, clarinet, drum programming, sax), Pier Luigi Andreoni (keyboards, percussion)
  • "The Blinding Light of Heaven" (studio): Jerry Marotta, Marc Anderson, Trey Gunn.