F1 Pole Position 2

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F1 Pole Position 2
F1 Pole Position 2
European cover art
Developer(s) Human Entertainment[1]
Director(s) Hifumi Kouno
Producer(s) Shūji Yoshida
Designer(s) Takahiro Uchiyama
Programmer(s) Ryūichi Itō
Artist(s) Takeshi Kadoma
Composer(s) Kouji Niikura[3]
Masamichi Yamazaki[3]
Series Human Grand Prix
Platform(s) Super NES[1][4]
Genre(s) Formula One racing[1]
Mode(s) Single-player

F1 Pole Position 2 - known in Japan as Human Grand Prix II (ヒューマングランプリ2, lit. "Human Grand Prix 2") - is the sequel to Human Grand Prix and the predecessor to Human Grand Prix III: F1 Triple Battle.


Satoru Nakajima is introduced to the series as a hidden character that can be saved to either of the two provided files. This relationship would continue until Human Grand Prix IV: F1 Dream Battle was released.

It is possible to edit the contracts for the engine manufacturers in addition to the individual players and their respective contracts. The engines in this game look similar to those of Human Grand Prix III and Human Grand Prix IV. Licensing was possible by Fuji Television and FOCA. World Grand Prix mode allows the player to re-enact the 1993 season. Battle mode allows for a single race to take place against up to 13 CPU-controlled players. Finally, time attack mode allows players to practice on the tracks. There is a guiding arrow for turns that allow players to correctly judge how much pressure that they can put on the turns. This feature is used in other Human Grand Prix games.

Drivers and teams[edit]

Team Driver
United Kingdom Williams F1 Team United Kingdom Damon Hill
United Kingdom Williams F1 Team France Alain Prost
United Kingdom Tyrrell Racing Japan Ukyo Katayama
United Kingdom Tyrrell Racing Italy Andrea De Cesaris
United Kingdom Benetton Formula Germany Michael Schumacher
United Kingdom Benetton Formula Italy Riccardo Patrese
United Kingdom McLaren Racing United States Michael Andretti
United Kingdom McLaren Racing Finland Mika Häkkinen
United Kingdom Footwork Racing United Kingdom Derek Warwick
United Kingdom Footwork Racing Japan Aguri Suzuki
Italy Scuderia Ferrari France Jean Alesi
Italy Scuderia Ferrari Austria Gerhard Berger
Switzerland Sauber Austria Karl Wendlinger
Switzerland Sauber Finland JJ Lehto

The McLaren team does not feature triple World Champion Ayrton Senna, instead Michael Andretti and the driver who would replace him later that season, Mika Häkkinen, are featured.


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