Fang Jie

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Fang Jie
Water Margin character
First appearance Chapter 118
Nephew of Fang La
Ancestral home / Place of origin Shezhou (present-day She County, Huangshan City, Anhui)
Weapon Sky Piercer (方天畫戟)
Simplified Chinese 方杰
Traditional Chinese 方傑
Pinyin Fāng Jié
Wade–Giles Fang Chieh

Fang Jie is a fictional character in Water Margin, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature. He is a nephew of Fang La, a rebel leader who established a separatist regime in southern China against the ruling Song Empire. Fang La is one of the rebel leaders that the 108 Liangshan outlaws have to defeat after they have been granted amnesty by the Song government. Fang Jie serves as a general in his uncle's rebel state.


Fang Jie is first mentioned by name in Chapter 118, when Fang La is discussing with his subjects on how to deal with an impending attack from the Liangshan forces loyal to the Song Empire. Fang Jie is the eldest grandson of Fang Hou, Fang La's uncle. This makes him a nephew of Fang La by blood relations. He is eager to avenge his grandfather, who was slain in battle by Liangshan's Lu Junyi. He volunteers to lead an army to attack the Liangshan forces.

The Liangshan army led by Song Jiang, with Guan Sheng, Hua Rong, Qin Ming and Zhu Tong as the vanguard commanders, arrive at Qingxi County (清溪縣; present-day Anxi County, Quanzhou, Fujian), where they encounter the enemy. Fang Jie rides forth to challenge them while Du Wei follows him closely on foot. Qin Ming takes up Fang Jie's challenge and fights with him for over 30 rounds, but neither of them is able to overcome his opponent. Du Wei hurls a flying dagger at Qin Ming to distract him. Qin Ming manages to dodge the incoming projectile, but is caught off guard by Fang Jie, who seizes the opportunity to spear him to death.

Guan Sheng continues the duel with Fang Jie and fights with him for some time before Hua Rong, Li Ying and Zhu Tong consecutively join in. Fang Jie is unable to resist four opponents at the same time so he retreats. While he is retreating, Liangshan's Chai Jin and Yan Qing, who have been in undercover in Fang La's forces, suddenly reveal their true identities, take Fang Jie by surprise, and kill him with their combined efforts.