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Nufi, Fotouni, Bafang[1]
Native toCameroon
RegionHaut-Nkam (Upper Nkam)
EthnicityBamileke Fe'efe'e
Native speakers
c. 140,000 (2005)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3fmp

Fe'fe' or Fe'efe'e, also known as Nufi and Bafang, is a Bamileke language spoken in Cameroon, around the town of Bafang. It was one of the four languages selected for option at the Collège Libermann at Douala (along with Duala, Basaa and Banjun).[4]

Writing system[edit]

Fe'fe alphabet
Uppercase A B C D E Ə F G Gh H I J K L M N Ŋ O P S Sh T U Ʉ V W Y Z Zh ʼ
Lowercase a ɑ b c d e ə f g gh h i j k l m n ŋ o p s sh t u ʉ v w y z zh ʼ


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