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The locations of member schools of the Firelands Conference.

The Firelands Conference is an Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) athletic league located in north-central Ohio. The league was formed in the 1960–61 school year and is named for the Firelands area of the old Western Reserve, where most of the member schools reside.[1] High schools in this conference are located in Ashland, Huron, and Richland counties. Some of the schools' district boundaries extend into the neighboring counties of Crawford, Erie, and Lorain. Most of the founding schools came from the defunct Huron-Erie League.

Conference membership[edit]

Current members[edit]

School Nickname Location District Colors[2] Type Middle school Joined League
Crestview Cougars Ashland (Weller Township, Richland County) 6:20 Red, White, Black
Public Crestview Middle School 1982[3]
Mapleton Mounties Ashland (Orange Township) 7:23 Royal Blue, Red
Public Mapleton Middle School (part of the HS) 1963[1]
Monroeville Eagles Monroeville 7:23 Black, Gold
Public Monroeville Junior High (part of the HS) 1960[1]
New London Wildcats New London 6:20 Red, Black,
Public New London Middle School 1970[4]
Plymouth Big Red Plymouth 7:23 Red, White
Public Shiloh Middle School 1982[5]
St. Paul Flyers Norwalk 7:23 Red, Black
Parochial-Catholic Norwalk Catholic Junior High 1968[4]
South Central Trojans Greenwich 6:20 Old Gold, White, & Black
Public South Central Middle School 1960[4]
Western Reserve Roughriders Collins 5:16 Blue, White
Public Western Reserve Middle School (part of the HS) 1960[1]

Former members[edit]

All-time FC members.
School Nickname Location Colors[2] Type Tenure Notes
Black River Pirates Sullivan Black, Gold
Public 1964-1993[1] Left for the MAC,
currently in the PAC
Edison Chargers Milan Blue, Orange
Public 1968-1986[6] Left for the SBC
Berlin Heights Tigers Berlin Heights Orange, Black
Public 1960-1968[1] Consolidated into Edison HS in 1968
Milan Indians Milan Red, ?
Public 1960-1968[1] Consolidated into Edison HS in 1968
Hillsdale Falcons Jeromesville Columbia Blue, Gold
Public 1963-1970[1] Left for the WCAL
Hayesville Panthers Hayesville Orange, Black
Public spring 1963[1] Consolidated into Hillsdale HS in 1963
Jeromesville Blue Jays Jeromesville Blue, White
Public spring 1963 Consolidated into Hillsdale HS in 1963
Perkins Pirates Sandusky Black, White, Red
Public 1960-1963[1] Currently in the SBC
  • Berlin Heights and Milan competed separately until consolidating into Edison High School in 1968.
  • Hayesville and Jeromesville competed separately in the FC only for the spring of 1963 before consolidating into Hillsdale for 1963-64.

League history[7][edit]


  • 1960: The Firelands Conference was formed with the inaugural members of Berlin Heights, Milan, Monroeville, South Central, Perkins, and Western Reserve.
  • 1963: Perkins withdrew after the 1962-63 winter sports season. Hayesville, Jeromesville, and Mapleton join the league in the spring of 1963. Hillsdale becomes a member for the 1963-64 school year when Hayesville and Jeromesville consolidate.
  • 1964: Black River joins.
  • 1965: Berlin Heights and Milan join their districts into the Berlin-Milan School District, but continue to compete separately.
  • 1968: Berlin Heights and Milan consolidate to form Edison, which remains in the conference.
  • 1968: St. Paul joins the conference.



  • 1982: Crestview and Plymouth both join after leaving the Black Fork Valley Conference. Both had also previously been in the Johnny Appleseed Conference until 1978. The league would split into two divisions: North (Edison, Monroeville, New London, St. Paul, Western Reserve) and South (Black River, Crestview, Mapleton, Plymouth, South Central).
  • 1986: Edison leaves to join the Sandusky Bay Conference. The divisions dissolve.


Divisional Setup 1982-1986[edit]

Firelands Conference Divisions 1982-1986
North South
Edison Black River
Monroeville Crestview
New London Mapleton
St. Paul Plymouth
Western Reserve South Central

Conference Football Championship Game[edit]

Firelands Conference Football Championship Game 1982-85[8]
Year North Champion Score South Champion Score Notes
1982 Edison 12 Crestview 0 Played at Whitney Field in Norwalk, OH
1983 Edison 6 Plymouth 13 Played at Whitney Field in Norwalk, OH
1984 Western Reserve Black River Game not played, Western Reserve qualified for OHSAA playoffs
1985 Monroeville Black River Game not played, Black River qualified for OHSAA playoffs

Conference Champions[edit]

Boys Champions[edit]

Year Football[8] Cross Country Basketball[7] Wrestling Baseball Track & Field
1960-61 Perkins Western Reserve
1961-62 Western Reserve South Central
1962-63 Berlin Heights Perkins, Western Reserve South Central
1963-64 Monroeville, South Central Monroeville Monroeville
1964-65 Milan Black River, Monroeville Monroeville
1965-66 Berlin Heights Hillsdale
1966-67 Milan Mapleton Monroeville
1967-68 Milan Milan, Monroeville Monroeville Mapleton
1968-69 St. Paul Western Reserve Monroeville Mapleton
1969-70 St. Paul Hillsdale
1970-71 New London Western Reserve Edison Monroeville
1971-72 Edison Monroeville Edison Monroeville
1972-73 New London South Central Edison Monroeville Mapleton
1973-74 New London, St. Paul South Central Edison
1974-75 St. Paul Monroeville, St. Paul Mapleton
1975-76 Edison Mapleton Monroeville Mapleton
1976-77 Edison Mapleton
1977-78 Black River Western Reserve Edison
1978-79 Monroeville Mapleton, New London, Western Reserve Edison Edison
1979-80 Edison Mapleton, St. Paul Edison Edison
1980-81 Edison South Central Edison New London
1981-82 Edison Mapleton South Central Edison
1982-83 Edison Mapleton Monroeville Edison
1983-84 Plymouth Monroeville Mapleton Edison
1984-85 Black River, Western Reserve Monroeville St. Paul Black River
1985-86 Black River, Monroeville Plymouth New London
1986-87 Black River New London New London
1987-88 Monroeville New London Mapleton, New London
1988-89 Monroeville South Central Mapleton
1989-90 Black River New London Mapleton
1990-91 Black River, Western Reserve New London New London
1991-92 Mapleton New London New London
1992-93 Black River, Monroeville, St. Paul South Central New London
1993-94 St. Paul South Central New London
1994-95 New Lon South Central New London
1995-96 New London, St. Paul St. Paul Crestview
1996-97 St. Paul St. Paul, South Central Monroeville Crestview
1997-98 St. Paul St. Paul Monroeville Crestview
1998-99 Crestview, Monroeville Crestview Western Reserve Crestview
1999-00 St. Paul Crestview Monroeville New London
2000-01 St. Paul South Central Mapleton Crestview
2001-02 Crestview Mapleton Plymouth Mapleton Crestview
2002-03 Monroeville New London Monroeville
2003-04 St. Paul Western Reserve Monroeville, New London
2004-05 Crestview, Monroeville, St. Paul New London New London
2005-06 St. Paul Western Reserve New London
2006-07 Crestview, Monroeville Plymouth, Western Reserve Crestview Monroeville
2007-08 St. Paul Western Reserve Crestview Monroeville
2008-09 St. Paul Plymouth Crestview Crestview
2009-10 St. Paul Plymouth Crestview New London, Crestview Western Reserve
2010-11 Western Reserve New London Western Reserve Crestview Western Reserve
2011-12 Crestview New London New London St. Paul New London
2012-13 St. Paul, Western Reserve New London Western Reserve New London
2013-14 St. Paul New London Plymouth St. Paul Crestview
2014-15 St. Paul

Girls Champions[edit]

Year Volleyball Cross Country Basketball Softball Track & Field
1975-76 Mapleton
1976-77 Mapleton
1978-79 Black River Monroeville Edison
1979-80 New London
1980-81 New London
1981-82 Edison
1982-83 Crestview
1983-84 Edison
1984-85 Crestview
1985-86 Mapleton, New London
1986-87 Monroeville New London
1987-88 Black River New London
1988-89 Monroeville Black River New London
1989-90 Black River
1990-91 Mapleton New London
1991-92 Mapleton Western Reserve
1992-93 Mapleton Crestview
1993-94 Mapleton Crestview
1994-95 Western Reserve
1995-96 New London
1996-97 Mapleton New London
1997-98 Mapleton Mapleton St. Paul
1998-99 Mapleton St. Paul
1999-00 Mapleton Mapleton St. Paul
2000-01 Mapleton Western Reserve
2001-02 Mapleton Western Reserve
2002-03 Western Reserve
2003-04 Western Reserve
2004-05 Western Reserve
2005-06 Mapleton Western Reserve
2006-07 New London Western Reserve
2007-08 New London New London
2008-09 New London New London
2009-10 New London Western Reserve
2010-11 Crestview New London Western Reserve
2011-12 Monroeville Crestview New London Western Reserve
2012-13 Plymouth New London Western Reserve
2013-14 Monroeville, New London New London
2014-15 Mapleton, New London
  • Note: Track & Field champions provided by the 2012 Firelands Conference Track & Field Championships program.

State Champions[edit]

Current Firelands Conference member schools have won a total of 10 team state championships,[9] dating back to the beginning of Ohio High School Athletic Association sponsored tournaments.

  • Crestivew
    • Boys Golf - 2012
  • Plymouth
    • Boys Cross Country – 1971 *
    • Boys Cross Country – 1974 *
  • St. Paul
    • Girls Volleyball - 2002
    • Girls Volleyball - 2006
    • Boys Football - 1969
    • Boys Football - 2009

* State championship won before the school was affiliated with the Firelands Conference.

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