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Flambards Theme Park
Flambards Theme Park logo.jpg
Slogan "The Best Day of the Week, Come Rain or Shine"
Location Culdrose Manor, Helston, Cornwall, England
Coordinates 50°05′31″N 5°15′29″W / 50.092°N 5.258°W / 50.092; -5.258Coordinates: 50°05′31″N 5°15′29″W / 50.092°N 5.258°W / 50.092; -5.258
Owner Hale family (1976-2013)
Livingston Leisure Ltd (New owners)
Opened 1976
Previous names

Cornwall Aero Park

The Flambards Experience
Operating season Easter–October with winter opening of undercover exhibitions
Area 27
Total 19
Roller coasters 1
Water rides 1

Flambards is an amusement park on the southern outskirts of the town of Helston in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1976 as the 'Cornwall Aero Park' by Douglas Kingsford Hale MBE.


Flambards first opened in 1976 under the name of 'Cornwall Aero Park'. Owned by Douglas Kingsford Hale MBE, the park slowly built up an array of aircraft, models and exhibitions.

By 1990, the park had grown and was renamed "The Flambards Experience". Early rides which featured at the theme park included the Dragon Coaster, the Canyon River Log Flume, Paddle Boats and the hyperglide.

In 1984, "Britain in the Blitz", a mock-up of a bomb-hit street during World War II, was opened.

For the 2007 season, three rides were added: The Rocking Tug, The Carousel, and The Space Shuttle.

For the 2008 season the Cornish Mine Train ride was added in addition to the introduction of the War of the Worlds paintball game. 2009 saw no major additions to the park, however the field housing the helipad was sold late in the season. The museum exhibitions are open year-round, but the rides and play areas are open seasonally.

In 2010, the Skyraker 001 opened and claimed the title of the UK's first twisting drop tower. As well as this addition, the Park was Renamed - Flambards.

On 6 December 2013 the park was bought by Livingston Leisure Ltd.[1]

Livingstone Leisure have invested in the Park and in 2015 have opened a new ride 'Sky Swinger' and are continuing to make improvements to the Park which will have been open for 40 years in 2016.

In March 2016 Jurassic Journey opened, a permanent exhibition where visitors can follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs.

March 2017 brought the announcement of further investment in the form of a new HUSS Frisbee Ride, transported from the defunct Pleasure Island park in Lincolnshire, and renamed as Sky-Force to fit in with the current Sky High thrill rides promotion.


The Big Ride Zone[edit]

Attraction Age range Opening time Notes
The Hornet Rollercoaster Family 10:00 A Zierer Hornet style coaster.
Canyon River Log Flume Family 10:00 Made by Zamperla.
Balloon Race Family 10:00 Balloons spin around a centerpiece. Made by Zamperla.
Cyclocopters Children/Family 10:00 Pedal powered monorail with cars themed as helicopters.
Sky Swinger Thrill 10:00 A Chair-O-Plane ride.
Space Race Thrill 10:00 former fairground ride of the Super Bob style. Originally Chariot race, but is now located indoors with strobe lighting effects.
Thunderbolt Thrill 10:00 Superrides International made Super Star ride (SS6) previously owned by Scott Manning as "Wild Thing". This ride was used in the millennium celebration on the Mall in London.
Rocking Tug Family 10:00 Made by Zamperla; formerly owned by The American Adventure Theme Park
Carousel Family 10:00 Formerly owned by The American Adventure Theme Park
Skyraker Family/Thrill 10:00 It is the tallest ride in the park with great views of Cornwall.
Sky-Force Thrill 10:00 A HUSS Frisbee Ride, originally located at Pleasure Island until its closure in 2016. Feel the G-Force on the new ‘Sky-Force’ ride. Whizzing high above the Park, this adrenaline packed ride is guaranteed fun for thrill-seekers. The ride opened at the Start of July 2017!!
Flambards Formula Circuit Family 10:00 20 go karts (10 single and 10 double seaters) on a figure of 8 track. A pay for attraction. New Fleet of Karts for 2017.

Jurassic Journey[edit]

Follow in the footsteps of dinosaurs. Over a dozen life size dinosaurs including a 5 metre tall Brachiosaurus to a T-Rex and giant Treiceratops. There is also a Dino- Nursery including baby velociraptors and a Dino-dig – where children can unearth fossilised remains of a prehistoric boneyard.

Ferdi's Funland[edit]

Aside from the bigger rides, an area at Flambards is devoted just for families with young guests. There are 6 kiddie rides. There are also multiple play areas indoors and out nearby.

  • Human Cannonball – As you spin, control your height as you fly in 4 person capsules.
  • Pirate Ship – A miniature version of the swinging ship.
  • Tea Cups – A miniature version of a tea cups ride.
  • Dino Express – Travel through a Dinosaur Haven in Dinosaur themed cars.
  • Space Shuttle – Control your capsule and you travel up and down the tower.
  • The Cornish Children's Eye – A miniature version of a classic ferris wheel.


  • The Victorian Village Experience – The Victorian Village was created of just three rooms in 1979 by Mrs. Audrey Kingsford – Hale who wanted to portray a life size recreation of the fascinating Victorian period. Through the years the village has grown to some 50 shops, cottages and attendant trades including a butcher’s shop, bakery, blacksmiths and sweet shop. A time capsule is also available to view showing the history of William Whites Chemist Shop.

In 2015, The addition of Screens fronted like a picture frame, were added to give details about the history.

  • The Britain in the Blitz Experience – The Britain in the Blitz exhibition was opened in 1984 by Dame Vera Lynn.
  • The War Gallery – The War Gallery is closely linked with the Britain In The Blitz exhibition, and is a tribute to all of the men and women of Great Britain and The Commonwealth who served in World Wars 1 and 2.
  • Memory Lane – Charts a century of Wedding Gowns from Mid Victorian to the 1970s including a War Time dress made from a parachute. The stitch marks of the seams show that it was re-fitted and worn by several brides. The selection of photographs also charts weddings from the late Victorian period.
  • The Aviation Experience - A Century of Pioneering Flight is an inter-active exhibition of some highlights in aviation history throughout the last Century. It features the achievements of:

Richard Pearse, the son of Cornish parents settled in New Zealand, claimed by some to have made the first sustained powered flight in 1902, a year ahead of the American Wright Brothers.

Charles Kingsford Smith, who in 1929 piloted the a flight between Australia and England.

The full-scale flight deck of Concorde, built by BAC for defining and confirming the ultimate positioning of the highly complex instrumentation, plus flightcrew and passenger seating.

  • Hands on Science
  • Operation Sealion an insight into the German intelligence gathering in preparation for the planned Nazi invasion of England in World War 2.
  • William White’s Chemist Time Capsule Discovered after being locked away and forgotten since 1909 in South Petherton, Somerset. Every item in the shop was numbered and charted so that when it was re-assembled at Flambards everything was exactly the same as the original.


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