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Baron Gaston de Gerlache de Gomery (Brussels, 17 November 1919 – Oudenaarde, 13 July 2006) was a Belgian polar explorer.

Gaston de Gerlache was the son of Adrien de Gerlache and followed in the tracks of his father by leading the second Belgian expedition to Antarctica in 1957-1958, 60 years after his father led the 1897-1899 Belgian Antarctic Expedition with the ship Belgica.

Gaston de Gerlache and his crew established the King Baudouin Base in 1958 in the context of the International Geophysical Year.

In 1960 Gaston de Gerlache published his travel journal Retour dans l'antarctique. A year later he made a documentary about his expedition named Plein sud.

An article, "Belgium in the Antarctic", written by Gaston de Gerlache de Gomery appeared in the Geographical magazine (May 1962 issue).

Mount Gaston de Gerlache in the Queen Fabiola Mountains on Antarctica was named after him.

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