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Industry Credit Card
Founded 2001
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Tae Young (Ted) Chung, CEO
Products Hyundai Card M
The Black
The Purple
The Red
Revenue IncreaseKRW 2,408 bn (2011)
IncreaseKRW 324 bn (2011)
IncreaseKRW 239 bn (2011)


Established in 2001, Hyundai Card is Korea’s leading credit card company with a strong leadership in premium cards. The company has been Korea’s fastest growing credit card issuer and has No. 3 market share. It is a joint venture between Hyundai Motor Company and GE Capital. Through ‘Hyundai Card Super Series’, which brings world famous sports stars and musicians, Hyundai Card redefined sports and cultural marketing in Korea. By nurturing innovative corporate culture, such as ‘career market’ which affords freedom for employees to choose the department they want to work for, the company became a model for numerous companies in the country. In world’s most crowded credit card country, the company has most loyal customers with the highest monthly spending amount as well as industry’s lowest delinquency rate. Hyundai Card launched Hyundai Card M with point marketing and differentiated benefit. Within an year, it brought over 1 mil won members and became the biggest hit in credit card industry with the largest members of 8 mil won for a single credit card brand.

In 2005, the company introduced Korea’s first VVIP card, Hyundai Card the Black, followed by the Purple and the Red. In 2010, the company completed its brand portfolio based on three pillars of alphabet, number and color.

After introducing alphabet cards to reflect different lifestyle of customers, Hyundai Card announced ‘Hyundai Card CAHPTER 2’ to simplify complicated products. The company reestablished card structure focusing on two core benefit to customers, ‘point’ and ‘cash back’.

In 2015, Hyundai Card starts ‘Digital Hyundai Card’ campaign to create service ideal for digital age. Based on digital philosophy Hyundai Card envisions, it creates the service which enables customers to use their cards in a more simple and safe way.


2001.10 Diners Club Korea Co., Ltd., changes corporate name to Hyundai Card Co., Ltd.

2003.05 Launched Hyundai Card M

2005.02 Launched Hyundai Card the Black

2005.09 Hyundai Card Super Match 01 ‘Maria Sharapova vs. Venus Williams’

2005.10 Hyundai Card-GE Capital form joint venture

2006.02 Launched Hyundai Card the Purple, Ranked 1st most desired company to work for award credit card companies by KMAC

2007.01 Hyundai Card Super Concert 01 ‘Il Divo’

2007.02 Won grand prize in corporate culture category, 5th Annual Korea Ethical Management Award

2007.04 1st issued 400 million dollars unsecured bond among credit card companies in Asia, Ranked 1st most desired company to work for award credit card companies by KMAC

2008.10 Acquired international standard ‘ISO 27001’ certification in information security management system

2009.01 Launched Hyundai Card MY BUSINESS

2009.12 Ranked 1st on NCSI in credit card category for 5th consecutive year

2010.01 Received the Red Dot Gold Award in environmental design at the IDEA Design Awards, ‘Hyundai Card Art Shelter’

2010.08 Entered into partnership with MoMA

2010.10 Launched Hyundai Card MY COMPANY

2010.11 Launched Hyundai Card Platinum 3 Series

2011.06 Launched Hyundai Card Platinum 2 Series

2011.11 Launched Hyundai Card ZERO

2012.02 Designed premium drinking water ‘it water’

2012.03 Hyundai Card·Capital·Commercial publishes <PRIDE>, Launched ‘it card’

2012.06 Hyundai Card X YG collaboration

2013.02 Opened Hyundai Card DESIGN LIBRARY, Launched Hyundai Card X emart collaboration kitchen goods brand OYSTER

2013.05 Published <DESIGN without WORDS>, Hyundai Card X Kia Motors Collaboration ‘My Taxi’ exhibition

2013.07 Launched Hyundai Card CHAPTER 2

2013.08 Hyundai Card publishes<Reason: There Is a Definite Reason to Hyundai Card>

2013.12 Awarded the 2013 DFAA (Design for Asia Award), Hyundai Card DESIGN LIBRARY

2014.03 Hyundai Card ‘My Taxi’ won a gold prize in iF Design Awards, Renewed bus stop design and bus route in Jeju island

2014.04 Carried out ‘Bongpyeong Market Vitalization Project’

2014.05 Opened Hyundai Card TRAVEL LIBRARY

2014.11 Received the 22nd ‘Korean Ethical Management Award’ grand prize

2015.05 Opened Hyundai Card MUSIC LIBRARY & UNDERSTAGE

2015.05 Hyundai Card Super Concert 20 Paul McCartney

2015.08 Opened Hyundai Card Card Factory

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