International Pitch and Putt Association

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International Pitch and Putt Association
Ippa logo.png
Sport Pitch and Putt
Abbreviation (IPPA)
Founded April 2009
Headquarters Madrid, Spain
President John Hudson
Secretary Robert Uggla
Official website

The International Pitch and Putt Association (IPPA) is one of the governing bodies for the sport of pitch and putt in the world, along with the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations (FIPPA). IPPA was founded on 2 April 2009 in Madrid and includes all organizations that develop and maintain the sport of Pitch & Putt at a national and international level.[disputed ] IPPA is a non profit organization based in Madrid, Spain.

IPPA aspires to contribute to the global expansion of pitch and putt by establishing a close relationship between pitch and putt, golf and other relevant sports organizations. IPPA defines pitch and putt as golf with a difference and views pitch and putt as a speciality of golf.

IPPA's ambition is to promote the competitive sport of pitch and putt internationally by organizing competitions at the highest level, as well as activities of a cultural nature and promoting the development of youth participation in the sport.

The Founding members of IPPA are Association Française de Pitch & Putt (AFPP), Real Federación Española de Golf (RFEG), Federazione Italiana Pitch and Putt (FIP&P), Federação Portuguesa de Golfe (FPG), Federazione Sammarinese Golf (FSG) and Danish Pitch and Putt Union (DPPU). DPPU decided in December 2010 to go independent and therefore resigned as a member.

IPPA Members
Member Web site
England England English Pitch and Putt(EPP)
France France Française de Pitch & Putt (FPP)
Italy Italy Federazione Italiana Pitch and Putt (FIPP)
Portugal Portugal Federação Portuguesa de Golfe (FPG)
San Marino San Marino Federazione Sammarinese Golf (FSG)
Switzerland Switzerland Association Suisse de Pitch and Putt (ASPP)
Spain Spain Real Federación Española de Golf (RFEG)
Template:Country data IFIUS IFIUS International Federation for Interuniversity Sport (IFIUS)
Albania Albania Albanian Golf Federation (AGF)
India India Indian Pitch and Putt Union (IPPU)
International Forum, Roma Italy

International Pitch and Putt Players Ranking; Top 10 players[edit]

World Ranking Player Country Ranking Points
01 Carlos Gonzalez Lopez-Camara SPAIN 298,82
02 Hugo Espirito Santo PORTUGAL 298,39
03 Vicente Serrano Dominguez SPAIN 297,14
04 Juan Fernandez Ardavin SPAIN 297,06
05 Juan Pedro Monjo Bossi SPAIN 295,11
06 Andres Pastor Ayllon SPAIN 289,29
07 Hazis Allkja ALBANIA 286,00
08= Jean-Claude Richard FRANCE 278,47
08= Luis Rodriguez Blasco SPAIN 278,47
10 Enrico Ciuffarella ITALY 277,46


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