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Photograph of the Sultan Taha Jambi Syaifuddin taken during a Royal Netherlands Geographical Society expedition from 1877 - 1879, by Daniël David Veth. He was killed by Dutch soldiers in 1904
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The Sultanate of Jambi was a region ruled by a sultan in northern Sumatra. The Dutch conquered the sultanate and killed the sultan in 1904. The sultanate has since been restored in recent years.[when?] The original sultanate was centered in the modern-day province of Jambi in Indonesia.

In 1682 it was disputed as a vassal state between the Dutch East Indies Company (VOC) and the Kingdom of Siam.[1]

In the late 19th century the sultanate was slowly annexed by the Dutch, with the sultan degraded to a puppet ruler. By 1907 the last vestiges of indigenous rule had been abolished.