Japanese general election, 1920

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Results of the Japanese General Elections, 1920

The Japanese General Election of 1920 (第14回衆議院議員総選挙 Dai-juyon Shūgiin Giinsōsenkyō?) was the Empire of Japan’s fourteenth general election for members of the House of Representatives of the Diet of Japan, held on May 10, 1920. The Rikken Seiyūkai, led by Prime Minister Hara Takashi, expanded its majority of seats in the lower house of the Diet.


Political Parties Seats
Rikken Seiyūkai ( 立憲政友会?) 278
Rikken Kokumintō ( 立憲国民党?) 029
Kenseikai (憲政会 ?) 110
Independents (無所属) 047
Total 464


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