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Map indicating locations of Albania and Japan


Diplomatic Mission
Embassy of Albania, Tokyo Embassy of Japan, Rome
Mr. Kazuyoshi Umemoto[1]

Albania–Japan relations are the bilateral relations between Albania and Japan. Japan’s Ambassador in Rome is accredited to Albania,[2] while an Honorary Consulate in Tirana assists Japanese interests in Albania. Albania has an embassy in Tokyo.[3]


Albanian PM Sali Berisha (left) and Japanese PM Yasuo Fukuda at the PM's Official Residence in Tokyo on February 5, 2008.

Diplomatic relations were established in April, 1922 with the recognition of the new independent Albanian state from Japan. On June 20, 1930, the First Commercial Treaty between the two countries was signed. In 1935 the Kingdom of Albania opened the Honorary Consulate in Osaka. After the World War II the relations were frozen and they were re-established on March, 1981. On December 2005 the Embassy of the Republic of Albania was opened in Tokyo and on March 2016 the Japanese Government adopted the decision to open the Embassy in Tirana (officially opening in January 2017)[4][3][5]

Economic relations[edit]

Albania considers Japan as one of the most important trade partners in the far east. The have signed many bilateral agreements, which mainly consist on helping the future development of the Albanian Economy

Trade of Albania with Japan:

  • Exports to Japan from Albania: ¥ 153 million
  • Imports from Japan to Albania: ¥ 252 million

Japanese development aid[edit]

Japan's Official Development Assistance to Albania amounts 25.278 billion yen in total, or approximately 179 million EUR (as of May 2014)

  • Grant Assistance: 4.98 billion yen
    • Yen Loans: 18.092 billion yen
    • Technical Cooperation: 2.206 billion yen[2]

Other Bilateral agreements[edit]

The two countries have signed more than 15 bilateral agreements and most of them are focused on the development of the Economy of Albania.On September 2007 an agreement was reached on visa abolition of diplomatic passports with Japan and it entered into force on 10.12.2007.

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