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Jefferies tubes, in the Star Trek fictional universe, are narrow tunnels or corridors inside a starship. They can be vertically or horizontally oriented, and form a network that allows travel throughout large volumes of a starship even when the turbolifts are not functioning. Plumbing, power, and other infrastructure utilities are frequently routed through them.

The term "Jefferies tube" was originally an inside joke among the original Star Trek production staff, a reference to Original Series art director Matt Jefferies, the man who designed the original starship Enterprise.[1][2] The term was used frequently throughout Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. and Star Trek: Voyager.

Another in-joke reportedly appearing in the Jefferies tube sets on the original Star Trek series are labels on the pipes marked "G.N.D.N.". This stands for "Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing." The labels are usually written so small as to be invisible to the audience, but can be seen in certain scenes from the Star Trek films.[1]

Other uses[edit]

Scott Adams has made references to Jefferies Tubes in his comic strip and animated television series Dilbert. One such reference was in a March 20, 1996 comic introducing Asok the Intern.[3] A second reference was made on the TV series, S1E7 "Little people", in which Dilbert uses a Jefferies tube to get to the conference room where free food is waiting.

J. D. Frazer also made a reference to Jefferies tubes in his User Friendly comic strip,[4] as did Lev Grossman in his book The Magician's Land.[5]"

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