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Johor Jaya

Housing Estate
Taman Johor Jaya
Coordinates: 9°17′N 105°43′E / 9.283°N 105.717°E / 9.283; 105.717
Country Malaysia
State Johor
CityJohor Bahru
 • TypeJohor Bahru City Council
 • Johor State Legislative AssemblyLiow Cai Tung (DAP)
 • Total5.9 km2 (2.26 sq mi)
 • Total66,000[1]
Postal code
Taman Johor Jaya with supermarket Giant on the right

Taman Johor Jaya is a suburb in Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.[2] Johor Jaya consists of mainly residential zones, but it also has light industrial and commercial zones.

Development history[edit]

Johor Jaya was developed by Housing Developer Daiman Development Berhad, a subsidiary of Daiman Group. Construction and development works started in 1983.[3] The first phase of development focused mainly on the construction of single storey terrace houses. Construction of the houses completed in 1987, but residents were initially hesitant to move into their houses due to reports of house break-ins.[4] Daiman subsequently announced plans in January 1989 to develop the next 3 phases in Anggerik, Dedap and Teratai. Plans were made to build single and double storey terrace houses, shophouses and a sports complex.[5] Development of these 3 phases completed by 1992, and there were some 11,132 residential houses built by then. The then-general manager of Daiman Group, Tan Yeong Kan quoted that the completion of the development phases were fuelled by their company's cash surpluses with no borrowings. Development of the Keembong and Seroja phases followed suit between 1992 and 1993.[6] The development of the final phase of Johor Jaya around Jalan Rosemerah Utama began in the mid-1990s and concluded with the construction of build-to-order bungalows in the area to the west of the Daiman Golf Course in 1998.[7]

The Family Food Centre was built in 2004 along Jalan Dedap 14 serving various type of common Malay cuisine. A new neighbouring megamall, ÆON Tebrau City, was built in 2005 along Tebrau Highway. Other neighbouring hypermarkets include Giant in Plentong and ÆON Big along Tebrau Highway, just south of ÆON. The At-Taqwa Mosque, which was built in 2009, is located along Jalan Dedap 10. Johor Jaya new police station is in Rosmerah. There is also a Hindu Temple located beside the police station.


Based on a 2008 household survey, Johor Jaya has a total of 16,000 households which is the largest among all satellite towns and villages in the outskirts of Johor Bahru.[8] The 2010 housing census showed that the electorate in Johor Jaya consists of 49% Chinese, 44% Malays and 7% Indian.[9] In addition to the local populace, there are also sizeable numbers of expatriates consisting of Indonesians who work as odd-job labourers,[10] Nigerians who are associated with the illegal drug trade[11] and Vietnamese who consist of labourers, pub hostesses or migrant brides married to Chinese Malaysian husbands.[12]


Johor Jaya's key shopping district is located Dedap phase, and is home to various SMEs that consisted of eateries, pubs and car repair shops. Morning markets set up by street vendors are also a common sight on Sunday mornings, although some of the vendors are illegal and shoppers have complained of traffic congestion problems.[13] Durian vendors also make their presence felt between June and August, which are brought in from Bentong, Pahang.[14]

Restaurant outlets[edit]

  • Lavender's bistro & cake shop, Jalan Dedap 3
  • Season's Cafe, Jalan Dedap 4
  • Hong Kong Boy restaurant, Jalan Dedap 22

Retail outlets[edit]

  • Giant Hypermarket, Jalan Masai Lama/Jalan Johor Jaya
  • Nurture Supermarket, Jalan Dedap 14
  • The Store Johor Jaya, Jalan Dedap 4
  • Tesco Hypermarket, Plentong
  • Tesco Hypermarket, Tebrau
  • The Store Hypermarket, Pandan
  • ÆON Big Hypermarket, Pandan (Previously known as Carrefour Hypermarket)[15]
  • ÆON Mall Tebrau City (Previously known as Jusco Tebrau City)[16]
  • Econsave Cash and Carry, Desa Cemerlang
  • SENTAI, Jalan Seroja 37 (Household, Restaurant and Hotel supplies)


  • SJK (C) Johor Jaya, Jalan Rosmerah 5/1
  • SK Taman Johor Jaya 1, Jalan Bakawali 20
  • SK Taman Johor Jaya 2, Jalan Keembong 43
  • SK Taman Johor Jaya 3, Jalan Teratai 50
  • SK Taman Johor Jaya 5, Jalan Anggerik 21
  • SMK Agama Johor Bahru, Jalan Anggerik 21
  • SMK Taman Johor Jaya 1, Jalan Bakawali 75
  • SMK Taman Johor Jaya 2, Jalan Teratai 32


Taman Johor Jaya Bus and Taxi Terminal

The suburb is accessible by Causeway Link route 6B from Johor Bahru Sentral railway station.[17]


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