Kellogg's Special K2O Protein Water

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This article is about the brand-name protein water. For the compound with the chemical symbol K2O, see Potassium oxide.
Kellogg's Special K2O Protein Water
Kellogg's Special K2O Protein Water.jpg
A bottle of Special K2O Protein Water
Launch year September 2006
Company Kellogg Company
Website Official website

Special K2O Protein Water is a beverage released in September 2006 by the Kellogg Company. It is produced in several flavors, and has been marketed as a weight-control and weight-loss product. The product was re-launched in 2007 by the Kellogg Company. The product is no longer available.


It was available in several flavors, including Strawberry Kiwi,[1] Lemon Twist and Tropical Blend. Marketed as low-calorie alternative protein drink, a 16-ounce bottle of K2O contains 5 grams of protein,[2] 10% DV of calcium, and 50 calories.[2] The product has also been marketed as a weight-loss product,[3] and has been marketed as part of "The Special K Challenge" and "Feeling good never looked better" advertising campaigns.[4]

Product relaunch[edit]

On August 15, 2007, the company re-launched the product with enhanced graphics and a new flavor, Mixed Berry. In addition to the 5 grams of protein, the product was formulated with 5 grams of soluble fiber,[2] from polydextrose, and 20% DV each[citation needed] of vitamins B3 (Niacin), B6, and B12,[1] while maintaining 50 calories.

Powdered drink mix[edit]

The product is also manufactured in a powdered form as a drink mix that is sold in packets, which is then added to water.[5] The powdered product has 30 calories,[6] 5 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein per serving.[5] The powdered mix has also been marketed as a weight-control product.[7]

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