Kfar Vradim

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Kfar Vradim
  • כְּפַר וְרָדִים
Hebrew transcription(s)
 • ISO 259 Kpar Wradim
Kfar Vradim is located in Israel
Kfar Vradim
Kfar Vradim
Coordinates: 32°59′45.64″N 35°16′30.75″E / 32.9960111°N 35.2752083°E / 32.9960111; 35.2752083Coordinates: 32°59′45.64″N 35°16′30.75″E / 32.9960111°N 35.2752083°E / 32.9960111; 35.2752083
District Northern
Founded 1984
 • Type Local council
 • Head of Municipality Sivan Yechieli
 • Total 4,701 dunams (4.701 km2 or 1.815 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Total 5,800
Name meaning Village of Roses

Kfar Vradim (Hebrew: כְּפַר וְרָדִים) is a town (local council) in northern Israel, with a population of 5800 (2008). It is situated just south of Ma'alot-Tarshiha and about 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south of the border with Lebanon. Kfar Vradim is close to major cities like Nahariya (20 kilometers) and Karmiel (16 kilometers). Kfar Vradim was established in September 1984. Its founder, Stef Wertheimer, sought to create an industrial town within the midst of nature.

Kfar Vradim started as a town with 50-100 families, and at first had no electricity and running water. The first families to move were mostly workers at ISCAR Metalworking, a successful factory owned by Stef Wertheimer specialising in metal blades and high performance cutting tools. Initially, Kfar Vradim received no support or recognition from the Israeli government, which didn't consider it to be a valid town, resulting in a financial crisis. Eventually, it was recognized and began receiving support.


Kfar Vradim is situated between 550–620 meters (1800–2050 feet) above sea level, providing for a relatively dry and Mediterranean climate. Peak temperatures in Kfar Vradim in summer typically reach about 38 °C (100 °F), while its January and February temperatures can drop to as low as −2 °C (28 °F). Average temperatures range from 10 to 15 °C (50 to 59 °F) in the winter to 28–32 °C (82–90 °F) at summer. Precipitation is mostly between October and March and is mainly made up of rain showers and scarce snowfall.


Kfar Vradim is neighboured by Ma'alot-Tarshiha and Yanuh-Jat, and is connected to the main roads in Northern Israel by Road 854. Road 8721 runs through the town, connecting it to Yanuh-Jat. Buses leave Kfar Vradim daily (except Saturday) to Ma'alot (Lines 82, 12), Karmiel (line 12) and Nahariya (line 43).


Kfar Vradim is home to an elementary school (Keshet school) and a junior high school (Amirim Junior High). In addition, there are several kindergartens in the town. A high school is currently being built.

Notable residents[edit]

Norman Goldenberg - Born August 17, 1924 Bronx, New York Died December 2011 Kfar V'radim, Israel Norman was introduced to the Zionist Youth Movement HaShomar HaTzayir by his first wife, Chavie. They made Aliyah and were founding members of Kibbutz Sasa. They later returned to the United States due to illness. After raising their family in the U.S. Norman and Chavie returned to Israel where Norman trained the first ski troops on Mount Hermon. Norman's first marriage ended in divorce and he found happiness in a second marriage to Annie whom he met in Sfat. Annie and Norman started a family and moved to Kfar V'radim where Norman created a nature trail in the hills beside Kfar V'radim. Today this nature trail is known as Norman's Shvil.

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