Al-Batuf Regional Council

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Al-Batuf Regional Council located near the Sea of Galilee

Al-Batuf Regional Council (Arabic: البطوف‎, Hebrew: מועצה אזורית אל-בטוף‎, Mo'atza Azorit al-Batuf) is a regional council located on the southern fringe of the Beit Netofa Valley North of Nazareth within the Northern District of Israel. It was formerly part Nof HaGalil regional council until 2000 and consists of the following four rural Israeli Arab villages.

The regional council is named after the al-Baṭūf Plain (the Arabic name of Beit Netofa Valley), on which it is located. According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, al-Batuf had a population of 6,700 in 2010.[1]

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Coordinates: 32°47′N 35°19′E / 32.783°N 35.317°E / 32.783; 35.317