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Klinika, hlavní vchod z Jeseniovy ulice.JPG
Entrance to Klinika in 2016
Klinika is located in Czech Republic
General information
StatusEvicted squat
AddressJeseniova 60 , Prague
Coordinates50°05′16″N 14°27′59″E / 50.0877775°N 14.4663731°E / 50.0877775; 14.4663731Coordinates: 50°05′16″N 14°27′59″E / 50.0877775°N 14.4663731°E / 50.0877775; 14.4663731

Klinika was a squatted autonomous social centre in Žižkov, Prague, between 2014 and 2019. It followed in the tradition of anarchist projects such as Ladronka and Milada.[1]


The building was first occupied in 2014 as part of a housing rights demonstration. It was quickly evicted. A campaign then began which resulted in the Finance Minister offering a one year rent-free contract, which began on March 2, 2015. When the contract was not prolonged, the centre simply reverted to being squatted again after a solidarity demonstration of 2000 people.[1] It then emerged that the owner, the Office for Government Representation in Property Affairs (Úřad pro zastupování státu ve věcech majetkových - ÚZSVM), was claiming the centre needed to be evicted because it was required for a different use but in fact no permits had been issued.[2]


Klinika has been used by many different groups. It had a concert space, infoshop, library, bar and a large garden. Regular events included a community laundry, a creche, language lessons and solidarity events.[1][3]

Temporary closure[edit]

After demonstrations both for and against migration on February 6 2016, Klinika was attacked by a group of neo-Nazis. The next day there was a solidarity demonstration attended by 400 people.[4] A spokesperson for the project said “We sent 150 carloads of clothes and other things to Hungary, Croatia, Serbia – wherever we could help. We don’t have many refugees in the Czech Republic, so Klinika acts as a lightning rod for the anger in Czech society towards them.”[5] A court ruling then closed the centre but on appeal it was reopened again after a few weeks.[6]


The centre was evicted in January 2019, despite the political support of Czech Young Greens and Democracy in Europe Movement 2025.[7][8] Unlike previous evictions, this time the building was then secured and not resquatted.[9][10]


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