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Development statusInitial coin offering

KodakCoin (stylized KODAKCoin) is a photographer-oriented blockchain cryptocurrency that is planned for payments for licensing photographs. The cryptocurrency is being developed under a brand licensee agreement between Kodak and RYDE Holding Inc. (formerly WENN digital)

The initial coin offering (ICO) was initially scheduled for January 31, 2018.[1]


KodakCoin SAFTs were made available to accredited investors in the United States, United Kingdom, and some other countries.[2][3] Working in conjunction with the KodakOne digital rights management platform, KodakCoin was intended serve as the currency for an encrypted ledger of intellectual property rights ownership.[4] KodakCoin will use the Ethereum blockchain platform.

KodakCoin was created by WENN Digital, using the Kodak trademark under license.[3] KodakCoin may be a rebranding of an abandoned initial coin offering (ICO) known as RYDE, a cryptocurrency developed by WENN Digital.[5] WENN Digital is a company formed by investments from Wenn Media Group and Ryde GmbH, a German company.[3]

WENN Digital[edit]

In the initial press release about the KodakOne project published by Kodak on January 9, 2018[6] WENN Digital is described as having a "live operational copyright infringement management system" that "is delivering revenues to photographers worldwide today" and leveraging "the market position of its 30-year old subsidiary WENN Media, which works with approximately 2,500 professional photographers". German media reported on March 21, after a conversation with WENN Digital CEO Jan Denecke, that his Berlin-based startup RYDE GmbH, which according to the White Paper released by WENN Digital (dated April 24, 2018)[7] builds a technological core of the KodakOne platform, was "meanwhile majority-owned by WENN Digital".[8]


KodakCoin is designed to work with Kodak's KodakOne platform, to facilitate image licensing for photographers.[9] The KodakOne platform uses web crawlers to identify intellectual property licensed to the KodakOne platform, with payments for licensed photographs to be made using KodakCoin cryptocurrency.[10]


Following the January 9 announcement of the new platform at the 2018 CES in Las Vegas, Kodak's stock price tripled in two days, as its market valuation increased to US$565 million, an increase of more than 300 percent.[11][12][13][14] By the end of January, one third of Kodak's shares were trading short.[1]

BBC News "Tech Tent" declared KodakCoin/KodakOne and the (unrelated) Kodak KashMiner "Worst Idea" at CES 2018.[15]


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