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Prevailing filecoin logo
Prevailing filecoin logo
Ticker symbolFIL
Original author(s)Protocol Labs and Juan Benet
White paper"Filecoin: A Decentralized Storage Network", 2017-07-19
"Filecoin: A Cryptocurrencey Operated File Storage Network", 2014-07-15
Initial release15 July 2014 (4 years ago) (2014-07-15)

Filecoin () is an open-source, public, cryptocurrency and digital payment system intended to be a blockchain-based cooperative digital storage and data retrieval method.[1][2][3][4] It is made by Protocol Labs and builds on top of InterPlanetary File System,[1] allowing users to rent unused hard drive space.[5]

Filecoin has raised $52 million in a pre-initial coin offering (pre-ICO) sale[citation needed] and $200 million in ICO.[6]

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