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Labour Party Irish Society
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
  • One Brewer's Green, London SW1H 0RH
Official language
Matthew Doyle
Affiliations Labour Party

The Labour Party Irish Society is a socialist society affiliated to the British Labour Party. It is a collective body of Labour Party members of Irish birth or descent, and those interested in Ireland and Irish affairs. It promotes the interests of the Irish in Britain as a whole, and encourages Irish people to become involved in the Labour Party and politics generally.[1]


The current officers of the LPIS as elected in June 2015[2] are:

  • Chair: Matthew Doyle
  • Deputy Chair: Kevin McKeever
  • Deputy Chair: Rita Conneely
  • Secretary: Chris Fegan
  • Treasurer: Liz McShane
  • Trade Union Liaison: David Doig
  • Membership Secretary: Christine Quigley
  • Youth & Student Officer: Emma O'Dwyer
  • LGBT Officer: Gerard McGrath
  • Community Liaison: Sean O’Donovan
  • Honorary Presidents:
  • Committee Members:
    • Bex Bailey
    • Deirdre Costigan
    • Patrick Moule
    • Dean Duke


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