Liberty Middle School (Virginia)

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For other schools named "Liberty Middle School", see Liberty Middle School (disambiguation).

Coordinates: 38°48′14.82″N 77°25′12.27″W / 38.8041167°N 77.4200750°W / 38.8041167; -77.4200750

Liberty Middle School
Near Centreville, VA
Type Public school
Established 2002
Principal Dr. Catherine Cipperly
Enrollment 1100+
Color(s) Red, White and Blue
Mascot Lions
Feeds Into Centreville High School
Square footage 180,000

Liberty Middle School is a public school in Fairfax County, Virginia. It is one of the feeder middle schools for Centreville High School. They are both located on the same road less than two miles (3 km) apart.


Planning was begun in 1995 for the school under the planning name Southwest County Middle School[1] as the population of the surrounding area began to increase considerably. Students were bussed to Rocky Run Middle school, which is nearly six miles away. When construction was completed in 2002. the strain was removed from both Rocky Run and other surrounding schools such as Stone Middle School.

In 2005, Liberty Middle School's architectural design firm, Samaha Associates, P.C. entered Liberty's design into a national competition (the 2005 Exhibition of School Planning and Architecture, run by the Council for Education Facility Planners International (CEFPI)) where it noted as a "Project of Distinction." The budget for the design and construction of the 79-acre (320,000 m2) school site was approximately $26.25 million.[2]


The school requires the four core classes (Math, Science, History, and English) and P.E. for each student. Also, students can choose two electives. However, some electives are only for a semester instead of a full year, in which case a student may take more electives.

Liberty Middle School offers three foreign languages, Spanish, German, and French. Starting in the 2016-2017 school year they will be offering Korean. As well as Geometry and Algebra classes.[3] Both the foreign language and math classes may be taken for high school credit.[4][5]


There are eight teams in the school:[6]

7th grade: Pride, Navigators, All Stars, Patriots, Explorers
8th grade: Rockets, Eagles, Wizards, Comets


Liberty has 651 computers, 7 computer labs including a graphic arts, science, and technology tools computer lab. It also has 10 mobile laptop labs and 23 Smart Boards.[7]


Normally, FCPS names its middle schools after famous people. (e.g. Robert Frost Middle School) Liberty was a special exception, being built just after the September 11th, 2001 attacks.[citation needed]

Feeder schools[edit]

Liberty is fed by Union Mill Elementary School, Colin Powell Elementary School, Centreville Elementary School, Centre Ridge Elementary School, Bull Run Elementary School, Some students also come from Willow Springs Elementary School.


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