Lighting Their Darkest Hour

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Lighting Their Darkest Hour
Soundtrack album by
Vince DiCola
Label3H Enterprises

Lighting Their Darkest Hour is a soundtrack album from the film The Transformers: The Movie. It was released as an exclusive at the 2001 BotCon convention. It features the complete score from the film by the film's composer Vince DiCola. This album is considered a complete soundtrack score as it includes all the compositions heard in the final film. Three tracks were first released on the original motion picture soundtrack back in 1986 and the rest were released on the BotCon'97 exclusive 2 disc Til All Are One album.

Track listing[edit]

  • "Unicron's Theme"
  • "TF:TM Main title (Alternate)" featuring Stan Bush [track written for but not used in the final cut of the movie]
  • "2005"
  • "More Luck Than You Imagine"
  • "Attack On The Shuttle" [track written for but not used in the final cut of the movie]
  • "Gone Fishin'"
  • "Autobot/Decepticon Battle"
  • "City Under Siege"
  • "Showdown"
  • "Death Of Optimus Prime"
  • "Witness To A Funeral"
  • "Contest For Leadership"
  • "Transformation"
  • "Coronation"
  • "Destruction Of Moon Base One"
  • "Destruction Of Moon Base Two (I)"
  • "Destruction Of Moon Base Two (II)"
  • "Escape"
  • "Pursuit"
  • "Arrival On Junk"
  • "Unwelcome Visitors"
  • "An Unexpected Friend"
  • "The Matrix Survives"
  • "Ambush"
  • "Another Leader Dies"
  • "Judgement/Rescue"
  • "All Hope Is Lost"
  • "Unusual Allies"
  • "The Enemy Revealed"
  • "Confrontation"
  • "United Against The Enemy"
  • "In The Belly Of The Monster"

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