Line S2, BCR

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Line S2, BCR
Line S2
Bcr logo.svg
S2-Line DMU at Chinglungchiao.JPG
Type Commuter rail
System BCR
Status Operational
Termini Beijing North
Yanqing (Nancaiyuan) or Shacheng
Stations 9
Opened 6 August 2008
Operator(s) Beijing Railway Bureau
Line length 77.07 km
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)[1]
Operating speed 160 km/h (maximum service speed)
Route map
S2 Line map zh-hans.svg

Line S2 (simplified Chinese: S2线; traditional Chinese: S2線; pinyin: S Èr Xiàn) is the first line of BCR to begin operation.[2] Opened on August 6, 2008, it runs from the Beijing North Railway Station, near Xizhimen, to Badaling in Yanqing County, following the old Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, and provides faster, more frequent and convenient service than preexisting trains. The line is currently 82 kilometres (51 mi) in length with six stations:

Phase I[edit]


Station Name
Station Name
Beijing North Railway Station 北京北站      Line 2
     Line 4
     Line 13
(via Xizhimen Station)
Qinghuayuan 清华园 Haidian
Qinghe 清河
Changping 昌平 Changping
Nankou 南口
Badaling 八达岭      BCR Line S2 (Branch) Yanqing County
Yanqing (Nancaiyuan) 延庆(南菜园)


Station name
Station name
Badaling 八达岭      BCR Line S2 (Main) Yanqing County
Kangzhuang 康庄
Shacheng 沙城 Huailai County,

Trains can reach a maximum speed of 160 kilometres per hour (99 mph). A trip from the north station to the Badaling Great Wall takes about 1 hour and 22 minutes. Seven other stations including Dongyuan (东园) are being renovated for this line.[3] There are regular departures throughout the day from Beijing North, with an average of one train per hour during operating hours.[4] A one-way ticket costs ¥6. Tickets can be purchased from ticket offices of stations along route on the day of travel only. The Beijing Transit card is accepted on this route.[5] Train identification numbers are prefixed with the letter 'S'. The line primarily serves tourists traveling to the Great Wall of China at Badaling.

The S2 line uses the NDJ3 locomotive in a nine-car push-pull configuration (L+7T+L). Accommodation comes in 'soft-seat' class only with a 2+2 (first class) or 3+2 (second class) layout. The seats were reversible, but that feature has been removed. Between Nankou and Badaling stations, the train makes a reversal at a switch-back junction. Although all stations are equipped with high-level platforms, trains are equipped with retractable steps and can also serve low-level platforms. On-board facilities include air-conditioning and heating, toilets, hot-water dispensers and a cafe-bar selling tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer and snacks. Smoking is not permitted on the train.


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