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List of Catholic philosophers and theologians

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This is a list of Catholic philosophers and theologians whose Catholicism is important to their works. Their names are ordered chronologically from earliest to latest in time based on their dates of birth.

To make for easier reading, this list of philosophers are subdivided into various philosophical movements and time periods based on the dates they were philosophically active (For example: Nicholas Malabranche is categorized here as a “1660-1914 Enlightenment and Colonial era philosopher” as he wrote his seminal work “Concerning the Search after Truth” in 1674) in order to give a rough sense of influence between thinkers.

Patristic Philosophers (c. 30-476)[edit]

Clement of Rome
Ambrose of Milan
Augustine of Hippo

Early Medieval Philosophers (c.476-1000)[edit]

Gregory the Great
Bede the Venerable

Scholastic Philosophers (c.1000-1492)[edit]

Bernard of Clairvaux
Thomas Aquinas

Renaissance and Counter Reformation Philosophers (c.1492-1660)[edit]

Theresa of Ávila
René Descartes

Enlightenment and Colonial Era Philosophers (c.1660-1914)[edit]

Alphonsus Liguori
Portrait of Newman by John Everett Millais, 1881
Max Scheler

Modern Philosophers (c.1914-present)[edit]

G.K Chesterton
Edith Stein
Benedict XVI

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