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This article lists the bridges and tunnels in Dublin and the Greater Dublin Area in Ireland. The bridges are ordered sequentially upstream, from mouth to source. For lists that are not in table format, alternative or historical names are in curved brackets (parentheses) and traversing roads or rails are in square brackets.

Bridges over the Liffey[edit]

Bridges over the River Liffey in Greater Dublin, from east to west.

Name Alternate names Type Connections Build dates Image
East-Link Bridge Tom Clarke Bridge[1] Tolled drawbridge East Wall Road to York road 1984
Samuel Beckett Bridge Rotatable road bridge Guild Street to Sir John Rogerson's Quay 2009
Samuel beckett bridge moored.jpg
Seán O'Casey Bridge Footbridge Sir John Rogerson's Quay to North Wall Quay 2005
Talbot Memorial Bridge Road bridge Memorial Road to Moss Street 1978
The River Liffey At Tara Street Station - panoramio.jpg
Loopline Bridge Liffey Viaduct Rail Bridge with overhead power supply for the DART Links suburban and intercity rail lines south of Liffey to those in the north 1891
Detail of the Liffey Viaduct
Butt Bridge Irish: Droichead na Comhdhála, meaning "Congress Bridge" Road bridge Beresford Place to Tara Street 1932 (Previous structure: 1879)
Butt Bridge with the Liffey Viaduct above it in the background
Rosie Hackett Bridge Working name: Marlborough Street Public Transport Priority Bridge Road bridge (public transport only) Marlborough Street to Hawkins Street 2012–14[2][3]
Rosie Hackett Bridge under construction
O'Connell Bridge Carlisle Bridge Road bridge O'Connell Street Lower to Westmoreland Street and D'Olier Street 1791 (Original: 1791 Redeveloped: 1879)
O'Connell Bridge viewed from upstream
Liffey Bridge Ha'penny Bridge, Metal Bridge, Wellington Bridge Foot bridge Liffey Street Lower to Merchant's Arch 1816
Millennium bridge Footbridge Ormonde Quay to Wellington Quay 1999
Millennium Bridge Dublin - - 446300 cf8ffad2.jpg
Grattan Bridge Essex Bridge Road bridge Capel Street to Parliament Street 1874 (Previous structures: 1676, 1755)
Grattan Bridge 01.JPG
O'Donovan Rossa Bridge Richmond Bridge, Ormond Bridge Road bridge Chancery Place to Winetavern Street 1816 (Previous structure: 1684)
Ireland 256 bg 062202.jpg
Father Mathew Bridge Whitworth Bridge, Dublin Bridge, Old Bridge Road bridge Church Street to Bridge Street Lower 1818 (Previous structures: 1014, 1428)
Four Courts and Father Mathew Bridge
Mellows Bridge Mellowes Bridge, Queen's Bridge, Queen Maeve Bridge Road bridge Queen Street to Bridgefoot Street 1768 (Previous structure: 1683)
James Joyce Bridge Road bridge Blackhall Place to Ushers Island 2003
Rory O'More Bridge Victoria & Albert Bridge, Queen Victoria Bridge Road bridge Watling Street to Ellis Street 1859 (Previous structures: 1670, 1704)
Rory O More Bridge Dublin.crop.JPG
Frank Sherwin Bridge Road bridge St. John's Road West to Wolfe Tone Quay 1981
Frank Sherwin Bridge Dublin.JPG
Seán Heuston Bridge King's Bridge, Sarsfield Bridge Light rail and footbridge Heuston station to Wolfe Tone Ave 1828
Sean Heuston Bridge Dublin.crop.JPG
Liffey Railway Bridge Rail bridge Heuston Station to Phoenix Park Tunnel 1877
Islandbridge Sarah or Sarah's Bridge Road bridge South Circular Road to Conyngham Road 1794 (Previous structure: 1577)
Anna Livia Bridge Chapelizod Bridge Road bridge Lucan Road to Chapelizod Road 1753 (Previous structure: 1660s)
Farmleigh Bridge Disused service bridge Farmleigh House 1850s
Disused Bridge over the River Liffey - - 13562.jpg
West-Link Bridge Tolled road bridge M50 motorway 1990
Westlink Bridges Dublin Ireland Geograph 412193 7d62a75d.jpg
Lucan Bridge Road bridge Lower Lucan Road 1814 (Previous structures: 1200s, 1730s, 1771, 1780s)
Liffey at Lucan Co. Dublin - - 1958129 cropped.jpg
Leinster Aqueduct of the Grand Canal, Ireland over the Liffey, constructed by Richard Evans

Bridges over the River Liffey outside Greater Dublin, from east to west.

  • Sewage treatment works bridge
  • Leixlip Bridge [Leixlip Road]
  • M4 motorway
  • New Bridge [R404]
  • Liffey Bridge (Celbridge Bridge) [Dublin Road, Celbridge]
  • A footbridge immediately to the south of the road bridge in Celbridge
  • Rock Bridge [footbridge at Celbridge Abbey]
  • Straffan Bridge
  • A truss bridge just west of Straffan Bridge
  • The Bridge at 16 [19th century wrought iron pedestrian suspension bridge crossing the south channel of the river to the 17th tee in the Kildare Hotel and Golf Club]
  • A bridge crossing the north channel of the river 60 metres from The Bridge at 16
  • An agricultural access bridge west of The K Club
  • Alexandra Bridge [Clane]
  • Millicent Bridge [near Sallins]
  • Leinster Aqueduct[4] Grand Canal crossing
  • Railway bridge, MP 19 [Dublin to Cork railway crossing]
  • Caragh Bridge [Caragh]
  • Victoria bridge (L2030)
  • Newbridge College footbridge
  • Saint Conleth's bridge, Newbridge
  • M7 Motorway
  • L2032 at Athgarvan
  • M9 Motorway
  • Castlemartin Bridge
  • Kilcullen Bridge or The Bridge, Kilcullen (Bridge), County Kildare
  • R412
  • Old bridge at Brannockstown
  • R411 Ballymore Eustace
  • Poulaphouca bridge
  • R758 Burgage Moyle Bridge
  • Ballyward Bridge L8375
  • Ballusmuttan Bridge L4377
  • R759
  • Liffey Head Bridge

Bridges on the Grand Canal[edit]

Bridges on the Grand Canal from the River Liffey to the south and west. In addition, many of the canal locks allow for pedestrian crossing.

Name Alternate names Connections Notes Image
MacMahon Bridge Draw Bridge, Brunswick Bascule,[5] Victoria Bridge (1857 and 1900 bridges) Ringsend Road, Pearse Street - R802 Rebuilt in 2007. Previous bridges in 1791, 1857, 1900 and 1960[6] (or possibly 1962[7]).
Victoria Bridge [8] Rail bridge Dublin to Rosslare railway line
Macquay's Bridge Grand Canal Street - R815 Named after George Macquay, a director of the Grand Canal Company in 1791.
McKenny's Bridge Conyngham Bridge (original name) Northumberland Road, Mount Street Lower - R118 Named after Thomas McKenny, a director of the Grand Canal Company in 1791.
Huband Bridge Mount Street Crescent Built in 1791. Named after Joseph Huband, a director of the Grand Canal Company. Looks more ornate than other bridges as Huband paid for the bridge himself.
Macartney Bridge Baggot Street Bridge Baggot Street - R816 Built in 1791. Named after George Macartney, chairman of the Grand Canal Company.
Eustace Bridge Leeson Street Bridge Leeson Street - R138 Built in 1791. Named after Lieutenant Colonel Charles Eustace, M.P. and Deputy Chairman of the Grand Canal Company.
Luas bridge Luas Green line Opened in 2004. Bridge dedicated to Professor Simon H Perry in 2005.
Charlemont Bridge Ranelagh Road, Charlemont Street - R117 Often mistakenly called Ranelagh Bridge. Named after the adjoining street.
La Touche Bridge Portobello Bridge Rathmines Road Lower, Richmond Street South - R114 Built in 1791. Named after William Digges La Touche, a director of the Grand Canal Company. Maintenance work carried out in 2004 (steel parts of bridge replaced).
Robert Emmet Bridge Clanbrassil Bridge (original name) Harolds Cross Road, Clanbrassil Street Upper - R137 Clanbrassil Bridge was rebuilt in 1935-36 and renamed to Emmet Bridge in honour of the 1803 rebellion leader Robert Emmet.[9] There is a ghost bike attached to railings beside the bridge.
Parnell Bridge Sally's Bridge Clogher Road Built in 1791. Named after John Parnell (the great-great-grandfather of Charles Stewart Parnell).[9]
Camac Bridge Dolphin's Barn Bridge Dolphin's Barn, Crumlin Road - R110 Built in 1791. Named after Turner Camac, a director of the Grand Canal Company.
Herberton Bridge Herberton Road Named after Lord Viscount Harberton, a director of the Grand Canal Company.[10] The original wooden one bridge was replaced by a concrete bridge in 1938.[9] The road was named after the bridge but at somepoint Harberton became Herberton.
Rialto Bridge Harcourt Bridge Over Luas red line South Circular Road - R811 This was on the former main line of the Grand Canal, filled-in in the early 1970s. Original name of bridge comes from Simon Harcourt, 1st Earl Harcourt, Lord Lieutenant 1772-76.
Griffith Bridge Grand Canal View Named after Richard Griffith, a director in 1791 (father of the late Sir Richard Griffith). Used only as an access road for apartments since the adjacent Suir Road bridge was built in 1938.
Ann Devlin Bridge Luas Bridge Luas Red line Built in 2004 for the Luas Red line. Named in honour of Irish republican Anne Devlin. The plaque on the bridge spells her name as Ann Devlin, though on her gravestone in Glasnevin Cemetery it is spelled as Anne Devlin.
Suir Road Bridge Harcourt Bridge Suir Road - R111 Built in 1938.
Footbridge at Goldenbridge Luas station Pedestrian access.
Footbridge at Drimnagh Luas station Pedestrian access. Built in 2004 for opening of Luas Red Line.
Blackhorse Bridge Kelly's Bridge Naas Road, Tyrconnell Road - R810
New Bridge Kylemore Road - R112
Ballyfermot Bridge Killeen Road
Park West Avenue
M50 Motorway Western Parkway Motorway - M50
Clondalkin Bridge Ninth Lock Road
Fonthill Road R113
Outer Ring Road R136
Lucan Road Bridge 12th Lock Bridge R120
Gollierstown Bridge Used only as farm crossing.
Hazelhatch Bridge R405
Aylmer's Bridge Lyons Road - L5064

Bridges on the Royal Canal[edit]

Bridges on the Royal Canal from the River Liffey to the north and west. Many of the bridges include a rail crossing for the rail lines adjacent to the canal in much of Dublin. In addition, many of the canal locks allow for pedestrian crossing and several pedestrian bridges are located adjacent to Iarnród Éireann railway stations.

  • North Wall Quay Scherzer bascule bridge [North Wall Quay - R801]
  • Spencer Dock Bridge [Mayor Street] - LUAS bridge.
  • Sheriff St. Lifting Bridge (inoperable) [Sheriff Street - R101]
  • Ossory Road railway bridge (actually three independent bridges) [DART bridge]
  • Railway bridge [lifting bridge]
  • Newcomen Bridge [North Strand Road - R105]
  • Clarke's Bridge [Summerhill Parade, Ballybough Road - R803]
  • Footbridge for access to Croke Park
  • Clonliffe Bridge (Russell Street Bridge) [Russell Street, Jones's Road]
  • Binns Bridge [Drumcondra Road - R132]
  • Cross Guns Bridge (Westmoreland Bridge) [Phibsborough Road, Prospect Road - R135]
    • Blaquiere Bridge over the former city spur of the Royal Canal [North Circular Road - R101]
    • New Cabra Road - R147
    • Connaught Street
  • Railway bridge at Liffey Junction
  • Broom Bridge (Broome Bridge, Brougham Bridge) [Broombridge Road]
  • Ratoath Road bridge- R805]
  • Reilly Bridge (Reily's Bridge)
  • Railway tunnel
  • Railway bridge at Liffey Junction
  • Longford Bridge [Ashtown Road - L3101]
  • Dunsink Lane Bridge [New River Road]
  • Ranelagh Bridge [disused]
  • Roundabout of Junction 6 of M50 motorway - two bridges
  • Royal Canal aqueduct over the M50 motorway
  • Talbot Bridge [Old Navan Road]
  • Granard Bridge [Castleknock Road - R806]
  • Kirkpatrick Bridge [Carpenterstown Road, Coolmine Road]
  • L3036 [Diswellstown Road - L3036]
  • Porterstown Bridge [Porterstown Road - L3035]
  • Kennan Bridge (Neville Bridge) [Porterstown Road]
  • Callaghan Bridge (Carhampton Bridge) R121
  • Railway bridge
  • Pakenham Bridge (Barberstown Bridge)
  • Collins Bridge [Barnhill Crossroads - L3005]
  • Royal Canal passes into County Kildare
  • Cope Bridge [Captain's Hill - R149]
  • Royal Canal aqueduct over the Rye Water
  • Louisa Bridge R148
  • R449
  • Deey Bridge
  • Pike Bridge [L5053]
  • Mullen Bridge [Straffan Road - R406]
  • Footbridge
  • Bond Bridge [Parson Street, Clane Road - R408]
  • Royal Canal aqueduct over the River Lyreen
  • Jackson's Bridge

Bridges over the River Dodder[edit]

Bridges over the River Dodder from the River Liffey to the southwest.

Name Alternate names Connections Notes Image
Ringsend Bridge Ringsend Road, Bridge Street - R802 Opened in 1812.[11]
Ringsend Bridge.JPG
London Bridge Bath Avenue, Londonbridge Road - R111 Opened in 1857.[12] Where the Swan River joins. Traffic restricted to single lane by traffic lights.
New Bridge Herbert's Bridge, Landsdowne Bridge Herbert's Road, Landsdowne Road
DART bridge Dublin to Rosslare railway line Includes pedestrian crossing. Original bridge built in 1834.
Ball's Bridge Pembroke Road, Merrion Road - R118 Gives name to the neighbourhood. 1st bridge built in 1751, 2nd bridge built in 1791. 3rd bridge built in 1835, widened and improved in 1904.
Bridge at Herbert Park Connects Herbert Park Hotel to Anglesea Road.
Anglesea Bridge Stillorgan Bridge Donnybrook Road, Stillorgan Road - R138 First bridge built in 1832.
Footbridge Beaver Row and Brookvale Road
Clonskeagh Bridge Clonskeagh Road - R825
Milltown Bridge Dundrum Road - R117 Includes pedestrian underpass.
Packhorse Bridge 1650s stone footbridge at Milltown Road and Bankside Cottages[13]
The Nine Arches Bridge Luas Bridge Luas Green Line Opened in 1859 for Harcourt Street railway line. Closed in 1958 and reopened in 2004 for the Luas. No access for pedestrians.
Classon's Bridge Churchtown Road Lower - L3001 Includes pedestrian underpass. Widened in 1928.
Footbridge at Dartry Mills No public access to bridge.
Footbridge at Dartry Park Dartry Park
Orwell Bridge[14] Waldron's Bridge Orwell Road Includes pedestrian underpass. First built in 1848, financed by Patrick Waldron.[15]
Footbridge at Orwell Park
Pearse Bridge Rathfarnham Road - R114 First bridge (called Big Bridge) destroyed by a flood in 1754, a new bridge was constructed in 1765. Widened and named in honour of the Pearse brothers in 1953.[16]
Dodder Stones Dodder Valley Park to Bushy Park Not a bridge but a way for pedestrians to cross the Dodder.
Footbridge at Dodder Valley Park near Rathfarnham Dodder Valley Park
Bridge at Springfield Avenue Springfield Avenue - R112 Includes pedestrian underpass.
Templeogue Bridge Old Bridge Road - R817 Includes pedestrian underpass.
Spawell Bridge Spawell Link Road - L4023 Opened February 5, 2001. Includes pedestrian underpass.
M50 Bridge M50 Includes pedestrian underpass.
Footbridge near Tymon Dodder Valley Park and Tymon Park
Dodder Greenway Foot/Cycle Bridge, Firhouse Old Bawn and Killininny Opened 14 November 2014
Pedestrian / Cycle Bridge across River Dodder near Firhouse, Dublin, Ireland
Old Bawn Bridge Old Bawn Road - R113 Opened in May 2000.
Fort Bridge Bohernabreena Road - R114

Upstream of Fort Bridge the river flows through the Bohernabreena Water Works. There are a number of bridges, but it is not clear which channels are the Dodder and which are not. Upstream of the Water Works, there are a number of feeder streams and it is debatable which one is the Dodder.

Bridges over the River Tolka[edit]

Bridges over the River Tolka from the River Liffey to the northwest.

  • Bridge to East Point Business Park
  • M50 Motorway
  • John McCormack Bridge - R834
  • Dublin to Belfast railway line
  • Fairview Park Footbridge
  • Annesley Bridge - R105
  • Luke Kelly Bridge (Ballybough Bridge) - R803
  • Distillery Road Bridge [foot bridge]
  • Drumcondra Bridge
  • Woodville Road Footbridge
  • Footbridge at Griffith Park
  • Dean Swift Bridge (St. Mobhi Bridge) [St. Mobhi Road]
  • Glasnevin Bridge
  • Footbridge in Botanic Gardens
  • Tolka Bridge (Finglas Bridge)
  • Finglaswood Bridge
  • Cardiff's Bridge
  • Ashtown Bridge
  • M50 Motorway

Other bridges[edit]

  • Bow Bridge over the River Camac (Cammock) connecting Irwin Street and Bow Lane West
  • William Dargan Bridge, a LUAS Green Line bridge over the R112 and R117 regional roads and the Slang River
  • Golden Bridge over the River Camac at the Tyrconnell Road end of Emmet Road, Inchicore.[17]
  • Knocksedan Bridge over the River Ward west of Swords on the Naul Road
  • Broadmeadow Estuary Bridge of the M1 over the Broadmeadow Estuary near Swords
  • Mayne Bridge over the Mayne River at its mouth in northern Baldoyle on the Coast Road
  • O'Connell Bridge, St Stephen's Green, crossing the lake in the park.
  • Portmarnock Bridge over the River Sluice just west of Portmarnock on the Strand Road
  • Scotchstone Bridge over the River Ward in Swords
  • Wellfield Bridge over the Mayne River north of Donaghmede near The Hole in the Wall Road
  • Wooden Bridge connecting Clontarf Road with the western end of North Bull Island


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