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Evancho on tour in January 2013

The following is a description of Jackie Evancho's concert tours, not including Evancho's joint concerts with other artists (aside from the AGT Live Tour).[1] This article also does not list filmings for Evancho's television appearances (although it mentions her PBS specials in the narrative text) or include any information about her charity and festival concerts and private appearances.

After her 2nd-place finish in the 5th season of America's Got Talent, Evancho participated in the America's Got Talent: Live Tour. She subsequently headlined solo tours to promote her albums Dream With Me (2011–2012), Heavenly Christmas (2011), Songs from the Silver Screen (2012–2014) and Awakening (2014–2016). She is scheduled to begin a new tour in October 2016.

America's Got Talent: Live Tour[edit]

America's Got Talent:
Live Tour
Tour by Jackie Evancho
Start date October 1, 2010
End date November 5, 2010
No. of shows 10

The America's Got Talent: Live Tour was the official tour to promote the finalists of the fifth season of America's Got Talent. Evancho was the first runner-up in that competition, finishing second to singer Michael Grimm.[2] The tour began on October 1, 2010, and ended on November 7, 2010, with shows in 25 cities; Evancho sang in 10 of them.[3][4]

Evancho performed songs in both the first half and second half of each show in which she participated, and bantered with host Jerry Springer.[5] A review of the first tour stop that Evancho participated in, on October 1, 2010 in Oakland, California, noted: "She has the gift to carry a note so nicely and so gracefully."[6]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue
October 1, 2010 Oakland, California United States Paramount Theatre
October 2, 2010 Reno, Nevada Reno Events Center
October 7, 2010 Los Angeles, California Nokia Theatre L.A. Live
October 16, 2010 Minneapolis, Minnesota Northrop Auditorium
October 17, 2010 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Riverside Theater
October 27, 2010 New York City Beacon Theatre
October 28, 2010 Richmond, Virginia Landmark Theater
November 3, 2010 Boston, Massachusetts Wang Theatre
November 4, 2010 Washington, D.C. DAR Constitution Hall
November 5, 2010 Greensboro, North Carolina Greensboro Coliseum Complex

Dream With Me Tour[edit]

Dream With Me In Concert
Tour by Jackie Evancho
Associated album Dream with Me
Start date July 31, 2011
End date June 8, 2012
No. of shows 18

The Dream With Me Tour, Evancho's first solo tour, promoted her album Dream with Me.[7] It consisted of a series of performances at indoor and outdoor concert venues with symphony orchestras; most of the 2011 concerts were conducted by Constantine Kitsopoulos.[8][9] Unofficially, the tour began on February 18, 2011, when Evancho performed most of the songs that would be included in Dream With Me in Houston, Texas, with the Houston Chamber Choir.[10] On March 12, she sang these songs at the 2011 Festival of the Arts Boca.[11][12] Evancho filmed a solo concert television special for the PBS Great Performances series[13] that included nearly the same songs as the CD and first aired in June 2011 on PBS stations[14] and later released on DVD, titled Dream With Me In Concert.[15][16] The program was hosted by the album's producer, David Foster. It was the most frequently broadcast of the Great Performances series in 2011, and Evancho was the youngest soloist ever on the series.[17][18][19]

At each tour stop, Evancho sang generally 11 songs from Dream With Me after a brief rehearsal with a local orchestra on the day of each performance.[20] The official tour began with the Sun Valley Orchestra on July 31, 2011,[21] where one critic wrote: "If you've ever wondered what an angel sounds like, you got your answer Sunday evening ... pure, joyous, unaffected notes".[22] This was followed by performances in Atlanta,[23] at the Ravinia Festival (with Conrad Tao as pianist),[24] in Omaha,[25] Dallas,[26] and with her hometown Pittsburgh Opera on October 16, 2011. Conductor Antony Walker took the opportunity to introduce her fans to the Pittsburgh Opera's chorus and soloists, who performed several numbers from Verdi, Bizet and Puccini along with Evancho's repertoire.[27] Evancho made her New York City solo concert debut at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center on November 7, 2011.[9][26] The tour was then interrupted by three concerts, described below, to promote Evancho's album Heavenly Christmas. The last appearance in 2011 was in Las Vegas on December 29, 2011, where Evancho headlined a concert with David Foster and Kenny G, featuring mostly songs from Dream With Me, but also a few Christmas songs.[28]

After a solo concert in Tokyo on January 13, 2012 at the Bunkamura concert hall with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring songs mostly from Dream With Me,[29] Evancho resumed her Dream With Me Tour in the U.S. on January 28, 2012 at the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, in California.[30] Beginning with this appearance, Evancho's solo concert performances were conducted by John Mario Di Costanzo,[31] and her duet partner was tenor Josh Page,[32] who sang two or three solos to help break up Evancho's set and duetted with her in "The Prayer".[33][34] During the tour, she generally travelled with her mother and sister Juliet.[35][36] The next six tour stops were in California[37][38][39] and Utah.[40] The young soloist's contract with Fresno Grand Opera contained the unusual requirement that the Saroyan Theatre "provide colored pencils in her dressing room."[41][42] Evancho's three February tour stops were ranked the tenth top-grossing tour by Billboard for the relevant week.[43] In June 2012, she concluded the tour with performances in Alpharetta, Georgia[33] and Newark, New Jersey, with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.[44][45]


In reviewing her Pittsburgh Opera concert, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review called her voice "beautifully in tune and well supported. ... Evancho's sincerity of delivery was affecting".[46] A reviewer from The New York Times wrote of her 2011 Avery Fisher Hall concert that "In the first half of the show Ms. Evancho often receded, but toward the end of the night she found purpose, delivering 'A Time for Us' with punch, and closing out Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel' with what felt like real yearning, while the orchestra mostly stayed out of her way."[47]

In an interview prior to their joint Las Vegas concert in December 2011, David Foster said of Evancho: "People just love her. She's carrying the whole show herself, she's so professional. ... I don’t want to say I’m riding her coattails, but she's very comfortable doing it on her own. ... I’ve never seen anything like it ever. ... She's phenomenal."[48] Robin Leach, writing for the Las Vegas Sun, commented on that concert: "Jackie was beyond brilliant!"[49] A San Francisco Chronicle review of Evancho's 2012 concert in San Francisco judged her singing "an impressive thing to witness, and Evancho's technical precision and enormous range only serve to make it seem less fluky. The girl can sing"; but the reviewer felt that "every selection sounded alike".[38]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue Orchestra
July 31, 2011 Sun Valley, Idaho United States Sun Valley Pavilion Sun Valley Orchestra[22]
August 5, 2011 Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta Symphony Hall Atlanta Symphony Orchestra[23]
August 7, 2011 Highland Park, Illinois Ravinia Pavilion Ravinia Festival Orchestra[24]
August 26, 2011 Omaha, Nebraska Peter Kiewit Concert Hall Omaha Symphony Orchestra[25]
August 31, 2011 Dallas, Texas Meyerson Symphony Center Dallas Symphony Orchestra[26]
October 16, 2011 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Benedum Center Pittsburgh Opera[27]
November 7, 2011 New York City Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center §[9]
December 29, 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada Mandalay Bay Events Center David Foster's orchestra[28]
January 13, 2012 Tokyo Japan Bunkamura Orchard Hall Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra[29]
January 28, 2012 Indio, California United States Fantasy Springs Resort Casino §[30]
February 22, 2012 San Diego, California Copley Symphony Hall San Diego Symphony[37]
February 24, 2012 Los Angeles, California Nokia Theatre L.A. Live §[43]
February 26, 2012 Fresno, California William Saroyan Theatre Fresno Grand Opera[42]
March 26, 2012 San Francisco, California Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall §[38]
March 28, 2012 Sacramento, California Community Center Theater §[39]
March 31, 2012 West Valley City, Utah Maverik Center §[40]
June 3, 2012 Alpharetta, Georgia Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Atlanta Symphony Orchestra[33]
June 8, 2012 Newark, New Jersey N.J. Performing Arts Center N.J. Symphony Orchestra[44]
§ Indicates that the orchestra was specially arranged for this concert.

Selected box office data[edit]

Venue City Tickets sold / available Gross revenue
Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Indio 2,996 / 3,449 (87%) $222,929[50]
Copley Symphony Hall San Diego 1,604 / 2,101 (76%) $139,640[51]
Nokia Theatre L.A. Live Los Angeles 2,250 / 3,159 (71%) $157,252[51]
William Saroyan Theatre Fresno 2,148 / 2,307 (93%) $202,650[51]
Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall San Francisco 2,175 / 2,639 (82%) $198,453[52]
Community Center Theater Sacramento 2,134 / 2,360 (90%) $203,867[52]
Maverik Center West Valley City 1,809 / 2,016 (90%) $129,772[52]
N.J. Performing Arts Center Newark 1,619 / 2,528 (64%) $137,937[53]
TOTAL (for the 8 concerts listed) 16,735 / 20,559 (81%) $1,392,500

Heavenly Christmas concerts[edit]

Heavenly Christmas Tour
Tour by Jackie Evancho
Associated album Heavenly Christmas
Start date December 15, 2011
End date December 20, 2011
No. of shows 3

To promote her 2011 Christmas album, Heavenly Christmas, Evancho gave three concerts, each with a locally arranged orchestra:

Evancho sang 14 songs in each of these appearances, including songs from her three most recent albums, mixing Christmas music with her classical crossover repertoire. On this mini-tour, 20-year-old Canadian tenor Christopher Dallo,[58] who had beaten her in the 2009 David Foster talent search contest,[59][60] sang three solos to break up Evancho's sets, and duetted with her in "The Prayer".[61]

Evancho also included a few songs from Heavenly Christmas in her December 29, 2011 Las Vegas concert with David Foster,[28] her Tokyo, Japan concert on January 13, 2012[29] and in her December 2012 concerts.[62]

Selected box office data[edit]

Venue City Tickets sold / available Gross revenue
Shea's Performing Arts Center Buffalo 1,657 / 2,449 (67%) $115,545[63]
Trump Taj Mahal Atlantic City 1,308 / 1,951 (67%) $106,383[63]
Benedum Center Pittsburgh 2,248 / 2,748 (81%) $185,222[63]
TOTAL (for the concerts listed) 5,213 / 7,148 (73%) $407,150

Songs from the Silver Screen Tour[edit]

Jackie Evancho: Songs from the Silver Screen
Tour by Jackie Evancho
Associated album Songs from the Silver Screen
Start date August 19, 2012
End date August 10, 2014
No. of shows 42

Evancho's two-year tour to promote her album Songs from the Silver Screen began on August 19, 2012, at Bunkamura Orchard Hall, near Tokyo, Japan, with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. Jacob Evancho (now known as Juliet)[36] duetted with her there on the song "I See the Light".[64] On August 25, 2012, she continued the tour with stops in 22 cities in the U.S. (plus Toronto), starting with a performance in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at the Mann Center with The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia.[65][66] Other appearances followed in Arizona,[67] Colorado,[68] Texas,[69] California,[62][70] Georgia,[71] Florida,[62] Minnesota,[72] Illinois,[73] Massachusetts[74] New Jersey,[75] Pennsylvania,[76] Canada,[77] Nevada,[78] Rhode Island,[79] Maryland,[80] Florida[81] and Ohio,[82] ending in Lewiston, New York in June 2013.[83]

A second leg of the tour included a dozen stops from October 2013 to January 2014, three additional performances from April to June 2014 and three more in August 2014. It began with a stop in Massachusetts,[84] followed by eight stops in California, Oregon and Washington, two concerts in Florida and one in Arizona.[85][86] The next three concerts were in Michigan,[87] Wisconsin[88] and Indiana,[89][90] and the last three stops were in the northeastern US.[91][92][93]

At each tour stop, Evancho sang generally 13 songs, mostly from Songs from the Silver Screen, mixed with songs from her earlier recordings, particularly Dream With Me. As with previous tours, she usually rehearsal briefly with the local orchestra on the day of each performance.[20][94] In the first leg of the tour, trumpeter Jumaane Smith, who appeared with Evancho in her 2012 PBS special, Music of the Movies,[95] accompanied her in "The Summer Knows", from Summer of 42, and played two solos to break up her sets.[62][96] In the second leg of the tour, Evancho had no duet partner, and breaks were provided by orchestra selections. The conductor for both legs of the tour was John Mario Di Costanzo.[97][98] Evancho's mother accompanied her on the tour.[99][100]

Evancho with 2012–2014 tour conductor, John Mario Di Costanzo.

Evancho's second PBS Great Performances concert special, called Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies, began to air on PBS stations in August 2012, before the tour began. The special features nearly the same selections as Songs from the Silver Screen.[101][102] A DVD version of the program was distributed as a pledge gift by PBS[103][104] and was included as part of the deluxe set of Songs from the Silver Screen from Target stores.[105] A TV Worth Watching reviewer stated, "From a Willy Wonka number ('Pure Imagination'), to Phantom of the Opera's almost-epic 'Music of the Night,' the young singer has it all under control."[106] The special continued to be broadcast by PBS stations in 2013.[107]


Evancho in November 2013

A reviewer at Evancho's Denver concert noted the audience's enthusiasm and wrote that she "displayed her famous combo of poise and articulation". But he noted "the burden of being a kid soprano, a true phenomenon. People pay a lot to see you and orchestras line up to get you on their stage. But still folks wonder if you really comprehend your life; if you shouldn’t be home ... eating ice cream instead of in Denver. ... And yet they rise to their feet, yet again, as you finish."[68] The reviewer for Naples Daily News gave Evancho an unqualified rave: "Her poise. Her control. Her range. ... Her voice and her performance exhausted all of the superlatives in the dictionary."[62] At her Baltimore stop: "Her pure and well-formed vowel sounds touched the hearts of everyone at the concert. Every year her voice seems to get better and better. Evancho clearly wished upon a star and asked for a beautiful singing voice."[80] She "got a standing ovation at Miami's Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, where she displayed her stunningly mature vocal power, phrasing and range."[85]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue Orchestra
August 19, 2012 Tokyo Japan Bunkamura Orchard Hall Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra[64]
August 25, 2012 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States Mann Center for the Performing Arts The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia[66]
September 15, 2012 Puyallup, Washington Puyallup Fair Tacoma Symphony Orchestra[35]
November 3, 2012 Scottsdale, Arizona Talking Stick Resort Ballroom §[67]
November 5, 2012 Denver, Colorado Boettcher Concert Hall Colorado Symphony Orchestra[68]
November 14, 2012 Grand Prairie, Texas Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie Dallas Pops[69]
November 16, 2012 Palm Desert, California McCallum Theatre §[70]
November 25, 2012 Atlanta, Georgia Atlanta Symphony Hall Atlanta Symphony Orchestra[71]
December 10, 2012 Naples, Florida The Philharmonic Center Naples Philharmonic Orchestra[62]
December 12, 2012 West Palm Beach, Florida Kravis Center §[108]
December 15, 2012 Santa Barbara, California Granada Theatre §[109]
December 17, 2012 Costa Mesa, California Segerstrom Center for the Arts §[110]
January 22, 2013 Minneapolis, Minnesota State Theatre §[72]
January 24, 2013 Chicago, Illinois Symphony Center §[73]
February 1, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts Wang Theatre §[74][111]
February 16, 2013 Atlantic City, New Jersey Revel Ovation Hall §[75]
March 12, 2013 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Heinz Hall Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra[76]
March 14, 2013 Toronto, Ontario Canada Roy Thomson Hall §[77]
April 13, 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada United States Smith Center §[78][112]
May 9, 2013 Providence, Rhode Island Providence Performing Arts Center Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra[79]
May 18, 2013 Baltimore, Maryland Meyerhoff Symphony Hall Baltimore Symphony Orchestra[80]
June 2, 2013 St. Petersburg, Florida Mahaffey Theater §[81]
June 7, 2013 Cleveland, Ohio Palace Theatre at Playhouse Square §[82]
June 28, 2013 Lewiston, New York Artpark §[83]
October 11, 2013 Worcester, Massachusetts Hanover Theatre §[84]
November 8, 2013 Cupertino, California Flint Center Symphony Silicon Valley[113]
November 15, 2013 San Rafael, California Marin County Civic Center Marin Symphony[114]
November 21, 2013 Thousand Oaks, California Kavli Theatre Thousand Oaks Philharmonic[115]
November 23, 2013 Turlock, California Turlock Community Theater §[116]
November 30, 2013 Portland, Oregon Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall Oregon Symphony[117][118]
December 7, 2013 Long Beach, California Terrace Theater Long Beach Symphony Orchestra[99][119]
December 12, 2013 Seattle, Washington Paramount Theater Central Washington University Orchestra[120]
December 14, 2013 Indio, California Fantasy Springs Resort Casino §[121]
January 3, 2014 Miami, Florida Adrienne Arsht Center §[122][123]
January 5, 2014 Melbourne, Florida Maxwell C. King Center §[85][124]
January 18, 2014 Phoenix, Arizona Celebrity Theatre §[86]
April 13, 2014 Detroit, Michigan Fox Theatre §[87]
May 30, 2014 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Pabst Theater §[88]
June 1, 2014 Carmel, Indiana The Palladium Theatre §[89][90]
August 6, 2014 Portsmouth, New Hampshire The Music Hall Parma Orchestra[91]
August 8, 2014 Chautauqua, New York Chautauqua Amphitheatre Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra[92]
August 10, 2014 Lancaster, Pennsylvania American Music Theatre §[93]
§ Indicates that the orchestra was specially arranged for this concert.

Awakening Tour[edit]

Jackie Evancho: Awakening
Tour by Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho, Awakening Tour.jpeg
Associated album Awakening
Start date November 22, 2014
End date April 28, 2016
No. of shows 36

Evancho's concert tour to promote her album Awakening began in November 2014.[125] Before the tour began, Evancho filmed her third PBS concert special at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania before a live audience, which included all of the songs from Awakening. The special began airing on PBS stations in November 2014.[126] For this tour, at most venues, Evancho uses pre-recorded accompaniment enhanced by approximately a dozen live musicians, normally led from the piano by music director Peter Kiesewalter.[127][128] At some of the tour stops, as noted below, musicians from existing orchestras are used, while at most venues, the musicians are locally assembled.[129][130] On this tour, Evancho's father traveled with her more often than her mother.[131]

The tour began with stops in New Jersey and Costa Rica in late 2014. In 2015, stops were in California, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Connecticut, Maryland, Oregon, Massachusetts, Indiana, Kentucky, Colorado, Michigan and Ontario, Canada. The first two stops in 2016 were in Florida, with another concert in Texas and the last one in New Jersey in April 2016. The concert selections "feature[d] the lush classical-crossover compositions for which [Evancho] has become known, as well as the more contemporary material" on Awakening.[132] Robin Leach reviewed Evancho's January 2015 concert in Las Vegas, writing: "She's still got the voice of an angel. It's remarkable, and her power is growing as she grows up. [She] had the audience on its feet with wild applause at the end of every song ... from her new and past albums."[133] Evancho received further warm reviews on the tour.[134][135]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue Musicians
November 22, 2014 Morristown, New Jersey United States Mayo Performing Arts Center §[136]
November 24, 2014 Escazú Costa Rica Real Intercontinental Hotel Philharmonic Orchestra
of Costa Rica[137][138]
January 16, 2015 Palm Desert, California United States McCallum Theatre §[139]
January 18, 2015 Phoenix, Arizona Celebrity Theatre §[140]
January 29, 2015 Los Angeles Club Nokia §[141]
January 31, 2015 Las Vegas Smith Center §[133]
February 13, 2015 Pittsburgh Heinz Hall Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra[142][143]
February 20, 2015 Atlanta Atlanta Symphony Hall Atlanta Symphony Orchestra[144]
February 22, 2015 Greenville, South Carolina Peace Concert Hall Greenville Symphony Orchestra[128][129]
March 22, 2015 Jacksonville, Florida Florida Theatre §[145]
March 24, 2015 Sarasota, Florida Van Wezel Hall §[146][147]
March 26, 2015 Clearwater, Florida Ruth Eckerd Hall §[148]
March 29, 2015 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Au-Rene Theater §[149]
April 17, 2015 Red Bank, New Jersey Count Basie Theatre §[150]
April 23, 2015 Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Luhrs Center §[151][152]
May 16, 2015 Norfolk, Virginia Chrysler Hall §[153]
June 17, 2015 Nashville, Tennessee Schermerhorn Symphony Center Nashville Symphony Orchestra[154][155]
July 25, 2015 Orkney Springs, Virginia Shenandoah Valley
Music Festival
Fairfax Symphony Orchestra[156][157]
September 17, 2015 Glenside, Pennsylvania Keswick Theatre Chamber Orchestra
of Philadelphia
September 19, 2015 Hartford, Connecticut Belding Theater Hartford Symphony Orchestra[130]
September 27, 2015 Easton, Pennsylvania State Theatre §[159][160]
October 10, 2015 Bethesda, Maryland The Music Center at Strathmore Maryland Classic Youth Orchestras[134]
October 16, 2015 Portland, Oregon Newmark Theatre § with Special Guest Peter Hollens[161]
October 23, 2015 Boston, Massachusetts Symphony Hall §[162]
November 20, 2015 Wabash, Indiana Honeywell Center §[163]
November 21, 2015 Lancaster, Kentucky Lancaster Grand Theatre University of Kentucky
Symphony Orchestra[164]
December 5, 2015 Toronto Canada Queen Elizabeth Theatre §[165]
December 10, 2015 Tucson, Arizona United States Fox Tucson Theatre §[166]
December 12, 2015 Santa Barbara, California Granada Theatre §[167]
December 15, 2015 Denver, Colorado Boettcher Concert Hall Colorado Symphony Orchestra[168]
December 18, 2015 New Buffalo, Michigan Silver Creek Event Center §[135]
December 19, 2015 Kalamazoo, Michigan Chenery Auditorium Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra[169]
January 16, 2016 Lakeland, Florida Lakeland Center §[170]
January 17, 2016 Melbourne, Florida Maxwell C. King Center §[171]
March 19, 2016 Midland, Texas Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center §[172]
April 28, 2016 Morristown, New Jersey Mayo Performing Arts Center New Jersey Festival Orchestra[173]
§On this tour, Evancho usually appears with her orchestra leader, Peter Kiesewalter, at the piano, and a dozen locally assembled string players who add to pre-recorded backing tracks. Where an orchestra is named, members of that orchestra are used.[128][129][130] In Pittsburgh, Nashville, Denver and Kalamazoo, larger ensembles with other conductors were used.[132]

Live in Concert Tour (2016–2017)[edit]

Jackie Evancho: Live in Concert
Tour by Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho Live in Concert (2016-2017).png
Start date October 6, 2016
End date March 24, 2017
No. of shows 23

Evancho conducted a concert tour from October 2016 to March 2017.[174] Tour stops in 2016 included venues in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, South Carolina (with special guest Chris Mann), New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Kentucky and Florida. Stops in 2017 included venues in Texas, California, Florida, Pennsylvania and Washington.[175] Evancho promoted the tour with a YouTube video released in September 2016.[176]

At the first concerts of the tour, Evancho performed a mix of songs from her earlier albums, songs she had recently released as singles (some which appear on her 2017 album Two Hearts), and covers of standards.[177][178] At the concerts closer to Christmas, in addition to those selections, she included several holiday songs, including some from her 2016 holiday album Someday at Christmas.[177][179] Later concerts in this tour included additional songs from Two Hearts.[180]

Reviewing her holiday show in Troy, New York, Steve Barnes of the Times Union noted that Evancho performed more than 20 numbers, including four holiday songs. He wrote that her voice is "an instrument of pristine beauty. It peals with the purity of bells and lofts tones that shimmer with celestial iridescence" but that her performance lacks "an apparent interpretive style or emotional connection to the material".[181] Kirk Stauffer wrote for Back Beat Seattle that, at The Triple Door, Evancho "had a mature stage presence and shared personal experiences between songs. ... The evening ended with a well-deserved standing ovation.[182]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue Musicians/Notes
October 6, 2016 St. Charles, Illinois United States Arcada Theatre §[183][174]
October 7, 2016 Merrillville, Indiana Star Plaza Theatre §[177]
October 8, 2016 Cleveland, Ohio Ohio Theatre,
Playhouse Square
November 12, 2016 Charleston, South Carolina Gaillard Center °[184][185]
November 25, 2016 Red Bank, New Jersey Count Basie Theatre §[179]
November 26, 2016 Troy, New York Savings Bank Music Hall §[181]
November 27, 2016 Providence, Rhode Island Veterans Memorial Auditorium §[186]
December 17, 2016 Paducah, Kentucky The Luther F. Carson
Four Rivers Center
Evancho's music director, Peter Kiesewalter, and members of the
Paducah Symphony Orchestra.[187]
December 18, 2016 Louisville, Kentucky Brown Theatre,
The Kentucky Center
December 20, 2016 Clearwater, Florida Ruth Eckerd Hall §[189]
December 21, 2016 Jacksonville, Florida Florida Theatre §[190]
January 21, 2017 Tyler, Texas Cowan Performing Arts Center
University of Texas at Tyler
February 10, 2017 Campbell, California Heritage Theatre °[192]
February 11, 2017 Palm Desert, California McCallum Theatre °[175]
February 12, 2017 Cerritos, California Cerritos Center
for the Performing Arts
February 25, 2017 Coral Springs, Florida Coral Springs Center
for the Arts
February 26, 2017 Fort Myers, Florida Barbara B. Mann
Performing Arts Hall
February 27, 2017 Sarasota, Florida Van Wezel Hall °[195]
March 5, 2017 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Benedum Center °[180][196]
March 23, 2017 Seattle, Washington The Triple Door § Two shows each evening[182][197]
March 24, 2017
§ Evancho was accompanied by Kiesewalter, at the piano and synthesizer, and pre-recorded backing tracks.[181]
°Evancho was accompanied by Kiesewalter, at the piano and synthesizer, pre-recorded backing tracks and several live string players.


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