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The Canadian territory of Nunavut was formed on April 1, 1999 through the Nunavut Act and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act. Nunavut, since its formation, has had a consensus government. In a consensus government, the premier is elected by the non-partisan members of the Legislative Assembly. Prior to April 1, 1999, the land that Nunavut occupies was part of the Northwest Territories.[1]


The territory's first premier, Paul Okalik, was elected after the 1999 general elections. He was re-elected to a second term after the 2004 general elections.[2] Although Okalik was re-elected to a third term after the 2008 general elections in the Iqaluit West riding, he was defeated by newly elected MLA Eva Aariak in the premiership vote on November 14.[3] On 15 November, 2013, Peter Taptuna beat out Paul Okalik and Paul Quassa for the position of premier.[4]

Premiers of Nunavut[edit]

No. Portrait Name
Term of office Electoral mandates (Assembly)

Paul Okalik.jpg
Paul Okalik
(b. 1964)
MLA for Iqaluit West
1 April 1999

14 November 2008

Premier Eva Aariak cropped.jpg
Eva Aariak
(b. 1955)
MLA for Iqaluit East
14 November 2008

15 November 2013

Peter Taptuna 2014-01-29 (01).jpg
Peter Taptuna
(b. 1955/56)
MLA for Kugluktuk
15 November 2013

Living former premiers[edit]

As of May 2015, both former premiers are alive. Since the creation of the office in 1999, no former premier has died.

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