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This is a list of Pakistan Navy ships currently in service.


Class Picture Displacement Type Origin Ships Notes
Frigates (10 in service)
Zulfiquar class frigate F-22P PNS Zulfiquar.JPG 3144 tons (full load) Multi-role frigate ChinaChina
251 PNS Zulfiquar

252 PNS Shamsheer
253 PNS Saif
254 PNS Aslat[citation needed]

Ordered from China in 2005. First ship, PNS Zulfiquar was handed over to Pakistan Navy on 30 July 2009.
Tariq-class frigate HMS Ambuscade (F172).jpg 3250 tons (full load) Multi-role frigate United Kingdom United Kingdom F-181 PNS Tariq

F-182 PNS Babur
F-183 PNS Khaibar
F-185 PNS Shah Jahan
F-186 PNS Tippu Sultan

Five active as of May 2014. F-184 PNS Badr (ex-Alacrity) has been decommissioned.[1]
Alamgir class frigate
USS Rodney M. Davis (FFG 60) Full.jpg 4200 tons (full load) Guided Missile Frigate United States USA PNS Alamgir Originally 5 ordered, only one delivered. Received $78 million overhaul before being delivered to Pakistan.


Class Picture Displacement Type Propulsion Origin Ships Notes
Submarines (8 in service)
Hashmat class submarine Mistral gran carena.JPG 1788 tons (submerged) SSK

Hunter-Killer Submarine

Diesel-electric propulsion France France PNS Hashmat S135

PNS Hurmat S136

These submarines were originally intended to be sold to South Africa, but after the UN embargo on it, they were sold to Pakistan instead.
Khalid class submarine OuessantBrest2005.jpg 2083 tons (submerged) SSK

Hunter-Killer submarine

Air-Independent Propulsion Pakistan Pakistan

France France

PNS Khalid S137

PNS Saad S138
PNS Hamza S139

The first submarine of the class, PNS Khalid, was built entirely in France. The second submarine, PNS Saad, had some parts built in France, which were then shipped to Pakistan, and completed there, with the help of French engineers. The third submarine, PNS Hamza, was built and assembled entirely in Pakistan. These submarines are an improved version of the Agosta class submarine, with greater battery life, diving depth, and lower noise signature.
X-Craft - 110 tons (submerged) Midget submarine

Shallow Water Attack Submarine(SWAS)

Diesel-electric propulsion Pakistan Pakistan

Italy Italy

X Craft

X Craft 908b
MG 110 Submarine

Used by the SSG (N) to assist troop delivery, mine laying, torpedo attack, and minor troop delivery, with the capacity to hold up to 6 swimmers, and 2 swimmer delivery vehicles.

Multi-Purpose Patrol Boats[edit]

Class Picture Displacement Type Origin Ships Notes
Attack Crafts (12 in service)
Global Response Cutters - - Cutter United States USA - All 8 ships are planned to be delivered at the start of 2016
Azmat class - 560 tons Missile Boat Pakistan Pakistan
China China
PNS Azmat 1013

PNS Dehshat[2]

PNS Azmat was commissioned into active service on April 23, 2012. PNS Dehshat, which is being built indigenously in Pakistan by Karachi Shipyard was commissioned June 13, 2014. This class of missile boat is the largest that Pakistan has inducted to date.

2 more ships under construction at Karachi Shipyard & Electric Works

Larkana class Larkana (PB 157)-090309-N-4774B-055.jpg 180 tons Gunboat Pakistan Pakistan PNS Larkana

PNS Rajshahi

Made indigenously in Pakistan by Karachi Shipyards
Jalalat II class - 200 tons Missile Boat Pakistan Pakistan PNS Jalalat

PNS Shujaat

Made indigenously in Pakistan at Karachi Shipyards
Jurrat class - 250 tons Missile Boat Pakistan Pakistan PNS Jurrat

PNS Quwwat

German Designed Fast Patrol Boat built under Transfer of Technology at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works in collaboration with Marsun Company Ltd. (Thailand). Commissioned in 2006 with advanced sensors and weaponry.
MRTP-15 - 70 Tons Fast attack craft Turkey Turkey PNS ???

PNS ???

A small, highly maneuvarable boat, capable of speeds up to 64 knots in calm water. Used for coastal and harbour partrol. Most likely operated by the coast guard or the MSA.
MRTP-33 - 120 Tons Fast attack craft Turkey Turkey PNS Zarrar

PNS Karrar

A much larger variant of the MRTP-15 with the capability to fire four medium to long range SSMs (possibly the Harpoon Missiles) and short range SAMs. Also has a blue water patrolling capability. 8 more expected to be ordered

Mine Warfare[edit]

Class Picture Displacement Type Origin Ships Notes
Mine Countermeasure Vessels (3 in service)
Munsif Class (Tripartite Class) Céphée BALTOPS 2010b.JPG 595 tons Mine Countermeasure Vessel France France

Pakistan Pakistan

PNS Munsif

PNS Muhafiz
PNS Mujahid

Ordered from France. First two ships built in France, third ship built in Pakistan.

Auxiliary Vessels[edit]

Class Ships Commissioned Origin
Fuqing Class PNS Nasr (Replenishment Ship & Tanker) 26 August 1987  China
Poolster Class PNS Moawin (Replenishment Ship & Tanker) 28 July 1994  Netherlands
Floating Docks 2 x Units Delivered as of 2014  Pakistan
Multi-Purpose Barge PNS ??? Delivered as of 2014  Pakistan
Split-Hopper Barge PNS Bhit Shah Delivered as of 2014  Pakistan
Coastal Tankers PNS Kalmat 29 August 1992  Pakistan
PNS Gwader 5 November 1984
Fleet Tanker PNS ??? Will be Delivered in 2016  Pakistan
Landing Craft Mechanized First one launched on 30th December 2015, one under construction at ksew, to be delivered in 2016  Pakistan
Hydrographic Vessel PNS Behr Paima 27 December 1982  Japan
Dredging Vessel PNS Behr Khusha 15 August 2008  China
Small Tanker Cum Utility Ship PNS Madadgar 29 August 2011  Pakistan
PNS Rasadgar 5 November 2011
Bridge Erection Boats 15 x Units Will be to Deliver in 2016  Pakistan
Training Ships (1 in service)
Prince William Tail Ship PNS Rah Naward 2010  United Kingdom
Hover Crafts (16 in service)
Griffon Class 16 Crafts PNS 4 more delivered in 2013  United Kingdom
Patrol Boats (140 in service)
Gulf Crafts 17 Boats PNS 2010  United Arab Emirates
Military Assault Boats 16m 4 Boats PNS 2010  Pakistan
Fast Patrol Boats 9 Boats PNS 2010  United States
GRP Ops Boats 2 Boats PNS 2012  Pakistan
GRP Police Boats 6 Boats PNS 2012  Pakistan
GRP Utility Boats 100 Boats PNS 2008-2013  Pakistan
VBSS Boats 2 Boats PNS 2009  United States
Tug boats (7 in service)
Tug boats PNT Zordar, PNT Jeedar, PNT Pur-Josh, PNT Sher-Dil, PNT Rustum, PNT Delair & PNT Joshila [3] 2012  Pakistan

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