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Concept mapping and mind mapping software is used to create diagrams of relationships between concepts, ideas, or other pieces of information. It has been suggested that the mind mapping technique can improve learning and study efficiency up to 15% over conventional note-taking.[1] Many software packages and websites allow creating, or otherwise supporting, mind maps.

File format[edit]

Using a standard file format allows interchange of files between various programs. Many programs listed below support the mm format used by FreeMind, which is an XML text format of tagged objects.

Free and open-source[edit]

The following tools comply with the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) definition of free software. As such, they are also open-source software.

Software License Genre Platforms Online visualization Online editing Online real-time collaboration Notes
Compendium GNU GPL Social science Cross-platform No No No
  • Written in Java
  • An email address is required to receive a download link
Dia GNU General Public License General purpose Cross-platform No No No
Dia 0.97 - Flowchart example.png
Written in C (programming language).
FreeMind GNU GPL Project management Cross-platform Yes No No

Written in Java

Freemind-0.9x Screenshoot.png
Freeplane GNU GPL v2+ Mind mapping Cross-platform Yes No No

Written in Java

Screenshot of Freeplane v.1.1.3.png
PGF/TikZ GNU GPL or LPPL Mind mapping Cross-platform Yes, needs ShareLaTeX Yes, needs ShareLaTeX Yes, needs ShareLaTeX
  • Set of TeX macros. TikZ library: mindmap
Visual Understanding Environment (VUE) Educational Community Concept mapping Cross-platform No No No
  • Written in Java
  • Can also be used to build presentations
View Your Mind (vym) GPL Concept mapping Cross-platform No No No
Vym ui windows.jpg


The following is a list of notable concept mapping and mind mapping applications which are freeware, and available at no cost. Some are open source, and others are proprietary software.

Software License Genre Platforms Online visualizing Online editing Online real-time collaborating Notes
CmapTools RAND-RF Concept mapping Cross-platform Yes, needs CmapServer, Cmaps on servers generate urls-webpages Yes, needs CmapServer Yes, needs CmapServer
Screenshot of Cmap tool
Coggle Proprietary, freeware, freemium Mind mapping Cross-platform Yes Yes Yes
Screenshot of webapp
MindMup Custom license[2] Mind mapping Web browser Yes Yes Yes
  • Freemind import-export
  • Browser-based, HTML5 features automatically adjust to mobile (touch) or keyboard interfaces
  • Integrates with Google Drive and GitHub to provide cloud storage and sharing control
  • Written in JavaScript and Ruby
MindMup screenshot.png
Qiqqa Proprietary, freeware, freemium Concept mapping Windows Yes No No
  • Mind maps for academics based on their research papers, notes, and annotations
  • Can export mind maps to the web and share by social media
XMind Proprietary, freeware, freemium Project management, knowledge management Windows, OS X, Linux No No No
  • Mind maps, spreadsheets, fishbone diagrams, tree charts, org charts.
  • Online sharing
  • Compatible with Freemind
  • Formerly proprietary
  • Written in Java.
XMind Screenshot TDias.png
yEd Proprietary, yEd[3] Concept mapping, Mind mapping Windows, OS X, Linux, cross-platform ? ? ?

Proprietary software[edit]

The table below lists pieces of proprietary commercial software that allow creating mind and concept maps.

Software Publisher, license Platforms Notes, features
3D Topicscape 3D-Scape Limited Windows Desktop application that presents mind maps as a 3d scene where each node is a cone. Imports MindManager, Personal Brain, FreeMind, text and folders.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP CS Odessa LLC Windows, OS X Desktop mind mapping and brainstorming software, for business, education, or personal activities. Integrates with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Project, MindManager, FreeMind, and XMind. Compatible with Twitter, Skype, and Evernote services.
Creately Cinergix Pvt. Ltd. Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Shapes and symbols in libraries.
  • Built-in examples and templates.
  • Export options to PDF, Jpeg, Png, SVG.
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Video conferencing
Debategraph Debategraph Web application Concept and argument mapping tool
Edraw Max EdrawSoft Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Cliparts and symbols in libraries.
  • Available Gantt chart add-in.
  • Built-in examples and templates.
  • Export options to Graphics, PDF,PS,, EPS, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel),HTML,SVG and Visio.
  • Cloud collaboration
LucidChart LucidChart, LLC Web application
  • HTML5-based collaborative diagramming tool that can be used to map minds and concepts
  • Android, iPhone, iPad applications, providing offline access to diagrams.
Microsoft Visio Microsoft Windows Part of Microsoft Office product family, draws static diagrams including block diagrams, organization charts, maps, plans or workflows
Mind42 IRIAN Solutions Web application
  • Browser-based collaborative web application
  • Real-time collaborative editing; the name Mind42 is intended to be read as Mind for two
  • Free to use with no function limits
  • Limited support by developer
MindManager Mindjet Windows, OS X, Android Desktop application comes in basic and pro versions; integrated with Microsoft Office, available Gantt chart add-in, built-in spreadsheet, Fluent UI, Current Version: MindManager 2018
MindMapper SimTech Systems Windows
  • Mind mapping, idea visualizing, brainstorming
  • Process flow, org charts, fishbone diagrams
  • Concept maps and flowcharts
  • Project management with built-in Gantt charts
  • Built-in presentation
  • Post it style memo notes
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office
MindMeister MeisterLabs GmbH Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Browser-based collaborative web application
  • Android, iPhone, iPad applications, providing access to online mind maps
  • Built-in chat
  • Subscription based, also offering a free limited access option
Mindomo Expert Software Applications Windows, OS X, Linux
  • Browser-based
  • Realtime collaboration, built-in chat, revision history
  • Built-in presentation mode
  • Desktop application
  • Android and iPad applications work both offline and in sync with the cloud
  • Offers a free limited option
MindView MatchWare Windows, OS X, Web application
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office
  • 6 Interchangeable views: includes Gantt chart and timeline
  • Calculation feature and Excel integration
  • Optimized for project management
  • Advanced filter function
OmniGraffle The Omni Group OS X, iOS
Prezi Prezi Inc. Web application, Windows
  • Presentation software that supports free form placement and zooming on a single sheet.
  • Offers Android, iPhone, and iPad applications work both offline and in sync with the cloud
Qiqqa Quantisle Ltd. Windows Minds maps for academics oriented around their research papers, notes, and annotations.
Semantica Semantic Research OS X, Windows Family of software to create, view, store, and share knowledge structures
SmartDraw SmartDraw Software, LLC Windows Visual processor used to create flowcharts, organization charts, mind maps, gantt charts, and other visuals
SpicyNodes Adobe Flash radial maps, viewer can move from node to node
Tinderbox Eastgate Systems OS X Content management system with concept and mind map abilities
TheBrain TheBrain Technologies Windows, OS X, Unix, Unix-like Graphically intensive and customizable GUI, extremely cross-platform. Notes, calendar, Microsoft Outlook features. Multiple parent node ability.
Visual Mind Mind Technologies Windows Supports collaboration (client–server) mode.
XMind Pro XMind Ltd. Windows, OS X, Linux

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